The Amazon has me again. I sail together with Pedro in thesame boat the mighty river. The engine chugs. On the Banks, lush green jungle rises into the sky. The air is humid, clouds impose the sun. In a few hours it will be back to pour like cats and dogs. There is something Meditative about that look, the small waves, which caused our boat. Exotic Sounds of birds and other animals penetrate spitz from the rain forest. The fin of a pink Dolphin shoots out of the water. A short greeting. Yes, exactly, I’m here again! In Iquitos.

Henriette Bright: Love from Hell Eiko Weishaupt

Henrietta Bright was born in 1985 and works as a journalist/writer based in Hamburg and on-the-go on your travels around the globe. Her book “here I come! In 80 orgasms around the world” is a 2015 released and promptly became a best-seller. In 2017, followed by “come First, then The Sexbibel for the 21 go–. Century”. Henriette likes to write, be honest and casual about Sex, because you will find that a lot of people do.

Glowing hot, legendary, crazy jungle of a metropolis. The largest city in the world, which is exclusively by plane or boat. Good! Don’t come here at least every Depp. Rather, shady types from all over the world. And people who want to escape from it all. The way I do.

After one and a half hours drive we will reach the Lodge in the jungle, put in a small jetty. Three crooked cottages cling to a steep slope. Framed by palm trees and all sorts of fragrant shrubs. The entire Lodge seems to be rotten and run-down. Due to the constant, heavy rain and limited resources. A few chickens run through the garden. In the bushes, an empty vodka is the bottle. Problems you can’t run away, I think, they follow you to the remotest places of this earth, to the grave.

I am the red-haired White

Three lazy dogs lying in the shade of the main house. It is open to all sides, not just the kitchen and the dining room are fenced with fly screens. On the walls, art hanging carved wooden masks. Is operated the Lodge of Pedro and his family. They live in middle village, call me “la gringa rocha,” the red – haired White. I like that. My real Name is not relevant at all.

“Lunch”, explains to me a little’re wrinkly woman and gives me a plate, on which a yellow Ball of rice is. In the jungle, you can’t pick what comes on the table. The intended “mother nature”. I poke at it hesitant to eat start. Until I realize that there is a whole chick is. Velvet Beak. It makes me sick. I find nothing worse than dead birds. Now it means going hungry until dinner.

And now? First unpacking. Two shorts, three Shirts, underwear, mosquito spray, sun cream, toiletries, books. My shower walls is made up of four rusty Aluminum. I pull my sweaty clothes from his body, tänzele a while the tiny jet of brownish water and spray me with bug spray.

The goddess of the jungle

In the cottage live next door to two Chilean tourists. You invite me to a walk through the jungle. The goal is a Holy, 200-year-old tree, called by Locals as the “goddess of the jungle” is. Pedro leads us. He is the same age as me, 33 but the merciless Peruvian sun has burned deep Furrows in his face.

With a Machete he carves sticks us to the wall, because it is very muddy. I slip several times, but somehow it brings Bock and reminds me of my Childhood. Earlier you jumped constantly through puddles. We no longer do as an adult but. It is just inciting even more stressed out by rain, from Bus to rail. Careful not to ruin his Make-Up, or new shoes. With coffee “to go” in of Hand, and frown lines on the forehead. Stupid enough!

Now I jump up with my rubber boots, extra deep in the mud. Of a hill, we can already see the gigantic tree. He stands exalted from the jungle up. Like in a Science Fiction movie! Twenty minutes later, we snuggle up with its roots and Branches. You want to connect to touch this creature, her power, feel her. Pedro encourages the tree to climb. This would bring good luck. So we go up to scramble, in succession, a thick vine and pose for a photo. Sweaty, with red heads, punctured, sticky, disheveled. City of monkeys.

Love From Hell girls, mom, or Marc-Andre: With whom should I go this year in the summer holidays?

With 30 times again with the parents to travel or do you prefer the (brand-)new Lover? Here you can find out which constellation the slightest stress potential. And then in the, hopefully, harmonious holiday.

What’s still missing me?

What should I wish for me? What is missing me? I think and think.

On our way back we meet a villager. He’s dragging two sacks of homemade charcoal, which he wants to sell on the market. Wooden cases, burning, crushing, from the jungle to the boat tow, to Iquitos, on the market to sell. For 15 Soles per bag. About four Euro. He smiles proudly, as we examine his goods. Before him is a long, strenuous day of work yet. And we? Hiking here is just stupid through the area and are significantly exhausted than he. Well.

Pedro says that many of the Locals are so poor that you have no other choice than to sell something which provides you “mother nature” available for free. Otherwise you have to feed, no Chance to your kids to.

to be Affected, we plod on. Everything itches. The sweat dripping on us from the temples. We just want to take a shower and in the shade to rest. It dawns gradually. Time to tighten the flashlight head. In our cabins there are not even candles. Bats make their rounds. In the roof beams, crawling rats. Welcome to the jungle!

There is tea. In Peru, there are always and everywhere free tea. From fresh Coca leaves. I think it’s good. So one has to do at least something. And if it’s just Sipping. Read is also. In a week, “destroy”, I three classics. At home I would never achieve that. Lack of concentration, constant distraction.

Pedro asks at dinner, whether I’m interested in an Ayahuaska ceremony. Many backpackers who come to Iquitos, want to try the healing nature of the drug or the mescaline-containing cactus San Pedro. Supposedly, it cleanses the body.he of poisons and also promises spiritual cleansing. The visions that appear in the course of this Trip, should be a lot clearer to see and life to a whole new level of lifting. It connects one with “mother nature”. Re-think and I think.

I’m a long way

The next Morning, Pedro, a boat tour invites me. He wants to show me Belen, Iquitos’ poor district, which has been completely built on Rafts. The people huts to live in wretched, floating wood, move over to rotten boards from house to house. Every two years you need to renovate their homes because the wood rotted through is. Only the Church was built of solid concrete. Something is wrong with you perched on four slender pillars.

Pedro puts on in front of the “Bomba”, a Bar made of white wood, which was also built on pillars, and in about four meters height above the river, perched. In the middle of the Slum! Here Pedro wants to drink a beer. I balance over puddles, modders and garbage to the stairs, climb them up.

the music in The “Bomba” is so loud that I have to cover my ears. She is everywhere in Peru. The people turn on fully, either Salsa or Euro Trash, and are in a good mood. “Be my lover” by La Bouche, I hear today for the fourth Time. The beer doesn’t taste good in the heat, fortunately, has quite so many Turns. There’s “El Diablo”, a searingly hot Chili-brandy, this stuff is burning the esophagus! The local Lord. We toast each other. Put it down!

I am looking huts on the floating. The liquor unfolds its effect. The bass hammers. I feel free, yeah, almost blissful, and think back to the sacred tree. I feel his power. All of a sudden I what really matters in life, recognize my love. Only ten more days, then I see my friend again! I am filled with gratitude and happiness that there is someone waiting for me, I deeply desire, and love.

The jungle has my brain blown. I need no longer run this is a demonstration of power, Extreme chasing. I am already on the target.

From Henriette Light


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