The E-Scooter to come and the end of the evening lands is written about. Pensioners will be hit by a car and the cities are choking in scrap metal or Lithium-batteries are in flames, so the forecasts are. These assumptions are wrong, but they all start from a basic assumption: namely, that the electric Scooter will arrive in the citizens great and we tear all of us, to plunge us, with a vehicle in the hustle and bustle on streets and bike paths.

But only because the Bundestag allowed any means of transport, it does not mean that all people want to drive it. In the context, it is briefly recalled the history of the Segways. As such, at the time, completely new Companion showed up, it was immediately call the Revolution of the transport out. In the city, the industry, on airports and even on Hiking trails in the mountains – everywhere you saw fleets of Segways rolls. What happened? Apart from a handful of sad-looking tourists-tours were not using the devices. The Segway founder Jimi Heselden died in an accident with his vehicle to death, has not helped the matter.

A Flop like the Segway Service electric bikes battery Power, engine power, and the price: Ten tips for E-Bike-buying Gernot Kramper

And today, to revolutionize the E-Scooter traffic. But no one asks: Why? The BMW X2City E-Scooter is one of the few models approved for the road. The device has Top-disc brakes (Magura MT4) and for a Scooter is relatively large wheels with a 16×2.6 tyres.

It is not at all to see why this scooter is supposed to be more dangerous than an electric bike. Accident researchers complain that the small wheels are very tricky, when you accelerate on downhill stretches sound on Tempo 50. But such maneuvers are not recommended with a Bike to.

cost of a E-bike

the Problem for the beautiful Scooter by BMW: It provides for the majority of people have no advantage over a E-wheel. The scooter will cost about 2000 Euro, just like an electric bike. Its range of application is much smaller. For distances over five kilometres of the cool standing scooter position is especially uncomfortable. He is a little smaller than most electric bikes, but not much more compact than a Mini-bike with E-drive. With a solid 21 kilograms of weight, it is hardly suitable for commuters, because only a force for athletes terminals of the E-Scooter loose under the Arm, while he gets on the Bus. A lot of fun while climbing up the stairs with the scooter in the third floor. To top it all, your own liability insurance, while damage caused by bikes, or Pedelecs, are usually covered by normal liability.

The market is already occupied. Electric bikes are accepted in the population – almost 900,000 PCs will be sold this year. No manufacturer of these E-wheels Worries that the E-Scooter is a significant piece of be got of this cake. At a cost of about 2000 Euro, the value-in-use counts for the majority of the customers and speaks clearly for the Pedelec – a few are going to give the Gimmick “Scooter” priority.

How long E-scooters are an eye-catcher?

So customers from the residential as a buyer of E-scooters in any significant number. The Sharing remains: But here we are talking about a handful of areas in inner cities in the area such Sharing models are not feasible. Some of the zones means: The largest part of the population gets only the visit to Berlin, something.

Sharing-scooters are likely to actually benefit from the eye-catcher effect. Because of the is cheap for a track rental and no one has to buy a machine for 2000 Euro. The only question is, how long the novelty lasts for value? Our prediction: After two years the Hui has evaporated-factor.

And One should give one to think: When Sharing hardly anyone would choose the Stand-up Scooter, if he could also take an E-Bike. But E-Bike Sharing, there are hardly any. Why not? The movement on the wheel is familiar, in a basket you could store purchases, and the systems are technically Mature. In our opinion, the reason is quite simple: commercially available electric drive systems are not made to stand in any street corner for 14 days in the rain. Only specially adapted models are now being tested by “Call a Bike” in Hamburg, have to endure a Chance of a season without several times to the Service. E-Scooter will have the same Problem.

It is unlikely that our cities with the Scooter trash to be clogged, so how it happened in China at the height of the Bike-sharing. This was a special situation: for A time, China had-money provider, such as hay and the wheels were extremely cheap. Both are not E-scooters of the case. The Scooter should stand in the way, will get the lender a completely different Problem. Namely, that angry residents throw the expensive devices in the trash bucket or make a mess. With a little luck even professional thieves might get the idea to steal the expensive batteries, thanks to the App, you know where to find them.

That would be an inglorious end of the Scooter hype.


The BMW X2City E-Scooter is a particularly serious Scooter. He was chosen as an example because he is considered to be very safe. There are also cheaper models with a weight of 10 to 13 kilograms will receive an approval.

in Our opinion, you will be hardly cheaper than Pedelecs (from 800 Euro). We consider it unlikely that China-models in the price range of 200 to 400 euros admission.


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respond to Three million E-Bikes in Germany, there are annually added more than half a Million. This relieves the cities and the environment, we have to ask: Where do you want to drive the fast wheels actually?

Gernot Kramper


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