Tel Aviv is called the “city without a break”. Since the electric scooter, with residents every day Thousands flit through the Israeli coastal metropolis fit well into the picture. It will look like in the summer on German roads similar? The Federal Council has made on Friday the way for approval of the E-scooters with a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour. In Israel, this modern Form of locomotion, however, has not only positive aspects.

The 32-year-old Daniel Dorfman rents every day at least Once a E-Scooter. “It is fast, has no problems with traffic jams, and it is much cheaper than other Alternatives,” says the doctor, who migrated from Costa Rica to Israel. To him, nothing had happened yet, and he always drive on the bike path. “I’ve only had positive experiences.” The App is easy to use, the ride costs a flat fee of five Shekels (a little more than a Euro) plus a half-shekel for every Minute.

Scooter Zero Segway Scooter-Look

It looks like an Italian motor scooter, the post-war period, but has the technology of a modern Segway. Could it not be a success if the price would be.

pedestrians annoyed

The Scooter from US companies such as Bird or Lime, however, are not seen by all Tel Avivern like. There are complaints about reckless drivers of scooters, which travel at breakneck speed on the footpath, although this is not allowed, and so passers-by endangering piling up. Many helmets are without protection on the go. In addition, many users of the E-Scooter in the middle of the bike path or sidewalk when you have finished your journey.

In Israel, the minimum age for the use of E-scooters at the age of 16 years, for leasing models even at the age of 18 years. A helmet is compulsory and you are allowed to scooters with the electric-only on the bike path or the road, but not on the walk to. In addition, the travel of which is prohibited to the two of us. Against all of these rules, however, failed to constantly.

Chagit Orian operates in the case of Facebook, the group “The passers-by, the security return”. You get daily hundreds of complaints from residents because of the riders of E-Bikes and scooters, told the 63-Year-old. They accused the Tel Aviv municipality to have the use of E-scooters allowed, although there is no sufficient infrastructure. “The police and the city Traffic, do the inspectors hardly against violations,” says Orian. “We pedestrians are the weakest link in the chain.”


In Tel Aviv and other cities adopted the scooter enthusiastic, but also massive opposition proposes.

DPA Ineffective regulations

Orian is a member in a municipal Committee on traffic control and fights, among other things for the marking of all E-Scooter with the number plate. “If the driver knows that he can be identified and held accountable, drops immediately, the number of violations.” It also calls for a clearer separation of Bicycle and walking paths.

in Israel, the very well-known Model Schlomit Malka had taken care of 2017 for attention, as it is with an E-Scooter on a Central Boulevard in Tel Aviv met with an accident. The young woman had been without a helmet on the road and had hurt dangerous. After that, they began to promote the Wearing of helmets.

The 31-year-old Dor Oppenheim had even yet no scooter accident, but knows friends who have been injured in the scooter driving seriously. “It makes me Worry,” says the young man. “That’s why I’m always extremely careful.” He used a rental Scooter when he come to Tel Aviv. “It is so extremely easy to come.” Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, with more than 450,000 inhabitants to Jerusalem.

growth potential for the scooter

Precisely because of this ease of use, the E-Scooter as a means of transportation in modern cities are virtually unbeatable. The US venture capitalists Bradley Tusk, therefore, also in the US, a large growth potential for the scooter. He had invested a significant sum in the company Bird, told Tusk the German press Agency, during a visit to Tel Aviv. The value of the company’s currently estimated already at two billion dollars, as well as that of the competitor, Lime.

In U.S. cities such as Los Angeles and Miami are the E-scooters are already very popular, – says the businessman. In New York there are still registration problems – although the transport for the Big Apple would be ideal. “Our Subway is overcrowded, the traffic is a Disaster – we need new ways to transport people.” The most Important thing is to develop the right rules. “If you can draw from the example of Tel Aviv, useful Lessons could be in New York or Germany,” says Tusk. “There are a lot of Good and a lot Bad.”

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Scooter Zero Segway Scooter-Look

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Gernot Kramper

Sara Lemel/DPA


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