History 09/03/20 “not a real King!”: how did the rumor of Peter I replaced the

In Moscow, the buzz was: “the Emperor is not Russian rock, and not of the Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich’s son”. Clear evidence that the king’s favor to the Germans – that means he is one of them. Arguing only about when and who replaced the monarch.

Say, not a real king!

According to one version, it happened in the cradle. Insidious aliens stole the Prince from unwary mother and replaced “Nemchenko”.

According to another legend the fault in the switch itself tsarina Natalya Kirillovna. Say, husband Alexis threatened to “stop loving” wife, if she bears him a daughter, because a newborn Princess replaced the boy, taken in a German village. His prospective father called, of course, Franz Lefort, one of the faithful companions of Peter.

Rumors about the substitution gaining momentum after Peter returned from abroad. They say that the king was immured in the wall in Riga, tarred in a barrel somewhere in Germany or even tortured to death in Stockholm by personal order of Queen Christina. And in his place was sent, of course, “German”.

the Most fantastic version of the legend created by the old believers, who also got pretty from Peter. In their opinion, he is the Antichrist on the throne and the true king has taken the old believers and hiding in monasteries.

Kukulska Queen

Peter really was closely associated with the Germans, with some special ties. In 1690, the year at the feast in the house of the wine merchant Johann Mons Georg Franz Lefort introduces a young king with a daughter of the house, the beautiful Anna. For years the girl becomes the favorite of Peter I.

Surprisingly, Russian Tsar is not simply carried away by the pretty German, and is seriously going to marry her. Muscovites did not love Annefor bribery, and sees it as a reason links to Evdokia Lopukhina, wife of Peter, and the quarrel of the king with his son. Her mockingly called “Kukulski Queen” of the title the German settlement – Cook.

And to be on the Russian throne of the Empress Anne, if it had not revealed her infidelity to Peter. Insulted king ordered to plant a treacherous mistress under house arrest. Only a few years she was allowed to marry, which, however, was short-lived.

There is a romantic legend that Peter and Anna met during the terrible events of 1689, when a young German woman rescued the Prince from the Streltsy rebellion.

the Dark tower

During the Streltsy revolt of the regiment of Alexander Lawrence came to the defense of Tsarevich Peter. In memory of this Peter ordered to build the Sukharev tower.

for a Long time there was a School of mathematical and navigation Sciences was the first Russian educational institution, which trained military engineers. But was the tower and a secret life. There is a legend that in a Rapier (fencing) hall, at the top of the Sukharev tower hosted the meeting Neptunia secret society under the chairmanship of Franz Lefort and James Bruce, head of the school.

Rumor called Bruce a warlock, said that he sold his soul to the devil. The rumors were not groundless: he was interested in astronomy and alchemy, has released a popular calendar prophecies. As for the mysterious Neptunea companies, which included the king himself, it is considered the first in Russia Masonic Lodge.

like it or not, but until the end of the tower has attracted treasure hunters and lovers of mysteries who wanted to find the manuscript and elixirs hidden “sorcerer with Sukharev tower”.

“Petersburg will be empty”

First marriage Peter was married to a Russian noblewoman, Eudoxia Lopukhina. Young wife imposed on the mother impa little more descriptive not loved, despite the fact that she gave him a son and future heir. A year after the marriage, Peter took up with Anna Mons. Eudocia was persuaded to enter the convent, but the Queen refused, explaining that she needs to take care of his underage son.

Finally, frustrated by her stubbornness Peter, tells him forced to lead his wife to the monastery. Then the Queen uttered his prophecy, repeated subsequently, many enemies of Peter, “this Place will be empty!”

but the ruin of St. Petersburg, the disgraced Queen allegedly predicted that the king will cover a terrible disease, and only she can heal. Then Peter again call her to him, and they will heal better than before. We know this from the interrogation of the Prince Alexei. The sad story is too reminiscent of the boy’s imagination about how “mom and dad will once again live together.” Eudocia survived a cheating husband, miserable son, and the happy rivals, coming out of prison in a brief reign of his grandson Peter II.

the drama

At the end of the XVIII century in the basement of the Kunstkamera Museum explains was discovered the two preserved heads. One belonged to Willem Mons (brother of the Anna) – a favorite of Catherine I, who was executed by a jealous Peter. The other women – Mary Hamilton, a lady-in-waiting of the Empress and the mistress of the Emperor. What was beheaded lovely tartan?

Maria enjoyed the favor of Peter, but his heart gave a Royal servant Ivan Orlov. To favorite to it is not cooled, the girl gave him the jewels stolen from the Empress. When Mary became pregnant, then decided to hide this fact, and the newborn with his own hands drowned, and ordered the maid to get rid of a dead baby. The crime was uncovered, and Mary was beheaded at Trinity square. In some versions, the king refused to commute the sentence to the young lady-in-waiting because a dead child could as well be his son.

Vnebrcny son

Mikhail Lomonosov – the figure for the Russian science is as significant as Peter the great – Russian policy. There is a legend that Mikhail Lomonosov – son of Peter. What arguments lead her supporters?

first, the resemblance – both were tall, with small feet and hands. Second, similar traits, both king and scholar differed violent temper. Third, in a surprising way by Lomonosov from the old believers ‘ village to the Imperial Palace and the Academy of Sciences. Finally, you incredible, you can say, sons of the reverence with which Lomonosov said about Peter.

Perhaps the reason for the emergence of a legend was the fact that Lomonosov’s admission to the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy he had to impersonate an illegitimate son of a prominent nobleman.

the last will and Testament of Peter

Peter the great died before he could appoint a successor. After him the throne was occupied by Catherine I, and then followed a long political mess called Era of Palace coups.

In 1812 after the collapse of the Napoleonic invasion becomes aware of a certain “Testament of Peter I”. In 1836 it was published, however, in the French language. In his will, Peter, allegedly called successors to wage a constant war with Europe, to divide Poland, to conquer India and to neutralize Turkey. In General, to achieve full and final hegemony in Eurasia.

the Authenticity of the document attached to the part already executed “covenants”, for example, the partition of Poland. But, in the late nineteenth century, the document was carefully studied and recognized as fake.

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