In the morning, when the fog wafts through the streets, or the first snowflakes falling, a special caution for motorists. The accident does not increase the risk but also the risk to collect fines for alleged trifles. We will tell you what you in the autumn and Winter, the fines can get.

With the wrong tyres: These fines

From October until Easter, winter tires should be mounted. This rule is familiar to every motorist, and it is still valid. However, it is not mandatory. Because in Germany there is no General obligation to use winter tyres.

In the road traffic regulations (StVO) is required no specific period of time. Compulsory winter tyres are, therefore, only in the case of bad road, such as snow, ice and hoarfrost.

those Who are caught tire in these conditions, however, with the summer, with a 60 Euro fine expect. Hinder you due to your summer other road tire participants, increases the penalty to 80 euros. In the case of a hazard, you have to pay 100 euros and, in the case of an accident, even up to 120 euros. In all three cases, there is also a point in Flensburg.

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caution in contaminated and snow-covered traffic signs

does not recognize a traffic sign, such as Leaves or snow, it can lose its validity. This only applies to signs that are not able to detect drivers on your Form – such as speed limits. Stop signs or “give-way”signs keep but, even in a polluted or snowy condition of their validity.

But be careful: Local drivers can not pull so easily from the affair. Because of this, it can be expected that you are familiar with the traffic signs whether it’s 30 Zone, the speed limit or one-way street.

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Driving with non-adapted speed

Who holds you in the autumn and Winter at the prescribed speed limit, it can still be too fast. Because, according to road traffic regulations (StVO), motorists drive in ice, fog, rain, or snow at an appropriate speed. If you didn’t and an accident is building, you must expect up to 600 Euro fine and a driving ban.

So a speed limit of 50 km/h applies, according to Paragraph 3, paragraph 1 of the StVO, if by fog or falling snow the sight is below 50 meters. A special plate must point out.

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it must expect severe penalties. Who is extra-urban 30 km/h too fast, can be punished with a 80 Euro fine and a point in Flensburg. From 41 km/h over the Limit, it costs 160 euros and two points. On top of that, a one-month driving comes ban.

Really expensive and it is 61 km/h over the speed limit. 440 euros, two points and two months driving ban to get to those speeders. From 70 km/h 600 euros be even due, and a three-month driving ban is imminent.

In case of fog, the right light

turn on When fog or snow obstructing the view, not only the speed but also the low beam is turned on must be adjusted. Who doesn’t in a village, must reckon with a fine in the amount of 25 Euro. It comes to an accident, therefore, increase the penalty to 35 Euro.

60 euros it costs, when extra urban is driven without headlights. Added to this is a point in Flensburg. In the case of a damage, it costs 90 Euro. The low beam you need to turn on the highway a visibility of 120 meters and on the highway from 100 to 120 meters.

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engine is warm and running disc and icy

holds Persistent the practice in the Winter to allow the engine to warm up. But you should not do, because that can cost ten Euro and, much more importantly, It harms the environment.

ten Euro it costs if you rid your windshield of snow and ice. Snow is still on the roof, a further 25 Euro for it. Also, don’t forget to rid your plate of snow and Dirt. Otherwise, a fine of five rubles. You have not made your spot free, it will cost a further 20 euros.

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