Munich – on the right track! Almost exactly a year ago, the city of lace has launched a local Offensive on the way: new metro and Tram lines for nearly 5.5 billion Euro. In addition, the administration got the order to develop a list of priorities for the U-Bahn. Construction, financing and Benefits for the commuters, were core issues for the paper that is now completed. On the right track!

in addition to the already agreed U5 after Pasing the U9 should be created first, only then the U26 and the extension of the U4. The launch of the U5 will be in 2024, the renewal will be done according to Freiham quickly. Problem: Financing the city, everything will not alone. We show here how the surface is built.

U5 (Laimer Platz to Pasing)

This 3.8 km long section will receive three new stations. The administration assumes that a start of construction in 2024 is realistic, should proceed to the further steps in the procedure trouble-free. The construction period is estimated to be six to eight years.

U5 (Pasing to Freiham)

Also, under category, the priority is A further extension of the U5 to Freiham to be running. Along the four and a half-Kilometer-long line with four new stations are planned. The administration has set out, in the meantime, in a variant, according to which on the West cross, at the Radolfzell road and the giant’s castle road new subway stations. At the last stop, Freiham center will remain in place for a possible connection to Germering. The administration wants to do this soon with the city and the rural district of Fürstenfeldbruck conversations. In addition, should arise at the last stop, a large Park-&-Ride facility, as the administration proposes. With the commissioning of the extension up to Freiham between 2035 and 2040 would be expected. The administration proposes to begin following the completion of the first extension of the U5 to Pasing with the construction. The cost is estimated at 750 million euros. In order to develop the area until the completion of the U-Bahn, the Munich transport company (MVG) is a network of buses, including Express buses.

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U9 (implerstrasse to “Münchner Freiheit”)

In a next step, the discharge brace U9 is to be realized (Also priority A). The 10.5-kilometre-long route will run from the Impler-/Poccistraße the Central station to Münchner Freiheit. Seven new stations are to be built, the costs are estimated at three billion euros. The construction period should be ten years, with implementation not expected before the end of the 2030er years.

U4 (Arabellapark to Englschalking)

Sub-category B (long-term planning), the extension of the U4 to Englschalking, in order to create a link with the S8 (airport line). At two miles, two new stations are to be built. It will also go to the question of whether the U4 will be extended because of the settlement development in the North East. Two out of three planning variants, currently, to extend the U4 with one or two new subway stations to the trade fair city of Riem.

U26 (pine garden up On the Hard)

the basis for the Descending-U-Bahn the start-up of the U9. Therefore, the U26 over four kilometers in length, is realized with four new stations. The North-South development of the site of the former Bayern Kaserne, meanwhile, take the Tram 23 to be extended from the Terminus of Schwabing, to the North-at least until the heidemannstraße.

discharge for the stations

All of the above extensions of the U-Bahn network also require an Expansion of the existing transfer stations, such as the main station, Sendlinger Tor and Odeonsplatz. Because they are already at the limits of capacity!

The Munich transport company (MVG) calculated currently with a growth in customer numbers in the range to the main railway station (U4/U5) of 1.1 per cent in the case of an extension of the U5 after Pasing, 6.6 per cent in the case of an extension of the U5 from Pasing to Freiham, as well as an increase of 11.8 percent during the commissioning of the U9, however, with 18.1 percent less make the shift between U4/U5 and U1/U2.

For the station Odeonsplatz (U4/U5) would result in an increase of 2.6 per cent in the case of extension of the U5 after Pasing, 3.6 per cent in the case of extension of the U5 from Pasing to Freiham, but a Minus of 2.6 percent during the commissioning of the U9. The relief braces would reduce stations on the U-Bahn Odeonsplatz and Sendlinger Tor, the passenger volumes for a total of probably 20.4 (Odeonsplatz) and 29.9 percent (Sendlinger Tor).

The funding – who should pay for it all?

all the need for the expansion is to be noted that, Without financial assistance, the city will not be able to realize the projects. So far, the Federal government has made a funding pot of a billion euros, but nationwide. The administration now writes that the Federation “together with the länder, a special program for the modernization and Development of rail transport routes on at least 20 billion euros, or alternatively the Federal funds” will increase.

Dieter Reiter (60, SPD) had already applied a year ago to the Federal party Chairman of the SPD, CDU and CSU, and a significant increase in the Federal funding and support. “Municipalities such as Munich, it is not in the approach is possible to cope with the upcoming investment in nets and lines alone,” said Reiter. And further it was said: “We are in the midst of a historic shift in Traffic with a profound transformation of individual mobility.” In this case, the clear and courageous commitment of the Federal government was indispensable.

Sascha Karowski

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