Our C-class is a T-model with a four-cylinder diesel engine of the latest Generation. Is Euro standard 6d-Temp, the from 1. September 2019 mandatory for all newly admitted cars. Clean, this Diesel seems to really clean

Mercedes C 220d to the Biennale

The trip takes us over the Alps from Munich to Venice. To The Biennale. And back again. Four people and Luggage for four nights. The T-model locker grabs with its trunk capacity of 460 liters. As a two-seater with folded down rear bench 1.510 liters of pure fit even.

The attempt: 4.7 liters on 100 kilometers – the Mercedes C 220d, really?

194 horsepower from two liters of displacement to us for the Trip over the Alps in the lagoon city. To be more than sufficient. A Diesel, with a fat torque from the bottom is Yes. Shortly after the Start, he sounds still like a Taxi, but quickly calms down. And, at the latest, when Driving it sounds, although still robust, but sophisticated.

+ Enough space for all sorts of things, the Mercedes C 220d is done in any case.© Daimler

The task is not easy. 4.7 liters on 100 kilometers to consume the 220d according to Mercedes after the latest and supposedly more realistic the WLTP procedures. We make the proof of the pudding. On the highway between Munich and Garmisch, we let it always run. 200 miles an hour, where is the else in a traffic jam-ridden Bavarian Oberland?

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Mercedes C 220d: The long journey to the South and back

On the whole trip also runs the air conditioner if the outside temperature is between 32 and 35 degrees. And to leave it all off we, the Brenner motorway, because it is such a full, already in Franzensfeste. For the Motor, the: the country road is, still, an additional Pass on the way to Cortina dAmpezzo instead of leichtfüßigem gliding with the Tempo 120 on the highway.

But the drive puts up a good fight and the tank needle apparently loves the slow motion. Because we want to save the Surprise of how much our Diesel needs now, really, until the end, satisfied with the range display.

Nearly eight hours later (with lunch break) noise, we are on a long bridge in a different world. Venezia, sea, channels, o sole mio. Four days of our Mercedes in the Parking lot Tronchetto, stand – up, it goes back to Munich.

+ and We have look closely, how much is the Mercedes C 220d on our trips from Munich to Venice and back used.© Daimler

on the return journey to rule the same temperature conditions as on the way, the weight is in spite of extensive feasts in the Venetian trattorias and the one or other additional Souvenir almost the same. At the most, slightly increased. In terms of transportation, the trip runs like clockwork. Cruise control and Distronic is switched on, semi-Autonomous Gliding at a constant speed, mainly on highways, saving Fuel.

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What is the consumption said after the Trip?

And now seam the hour of truth. The home is the journey of us from the Computer data. Surprise! 5.9 litres! Fact. At a fuel price of € 1.25 for a Liter of Diesel fuel costs in the amount of € 73.75, divided by four passengers making the 18 euros and 43 cents. Nothing beats a Diesel. There’s nothing like a modern Diesel.

a Pity that this fuel is caught by the evil trickery of some car manufacturers into disrepute. With its greater efficiency, i.e. better exploitation of the energy, he puts gasoline still loose in the shade.

+ During the travel we only rely on the range display.© Daimler

rechargeable hybrid vehicles (so-called PHEVs) may get a value similar to our 220d. Once the battery is empty, a rapid drying of the fuel consumption due to the severe additional technology is disproportionately high. Pure electric cars have a similar basic problem. Too much weight to CO2-intensive production costs and still completely unresolved battery disposal problems. Therefore, our conclusion is: Nothing beats a (clean) Diesel, except for ecologically-produced hydrogen.

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Elegant and cultivated: the Mercedes C 220d

But back to the C, 220 d of the T-model. The Trip to Venice has shown in addition to the impressive fuel Consumption that the new C-class is one of the most successful models in the Daimler Portfolio. It is practical and economical. Elegant and cultured. To suspend, we have not very much: For example, that there is in this Facelift still don’t have a built-in screen. The 10-inch Monitor in the center looks like installed in the field.

+ Under 44,000 euros is nothing to the Mercedes C 220d.© Daimler

And then there’s something that drives a case of a basically already broken nerves in the madness: Namely, the clicking sound when the Mercedes-aperture opening on the tailgate, so that the lens of the rear camera has a clear view. And that happens both in a traffic jam as the traffic lights very often. Since you saved on the C-class to the insulation. In higher quality models from Daimler, can’t you hear namely.

How much is the Mercedes C 220d

this brings us to the price. From 44.333,45 Euro it goes, if you want to have this series with the 220 Diesel. In the case of the additional equipment you have to proceed with Caution, otherwise you’ll very quickly over 60,000 Euro. We would recommend the following configuration is basically: The Business package costs around EUR 3,100, but it has, among other things, for the driver and front passenger heated seats and LED headlights instead of Halogen.

The enhanced assistance package for 2.200 Euro offers the automatic spacer “Distronic”, lane keeping and blind spot assist, as well as the exit of Warner. This is all really useful. In this respect, one should also create one for the Infotainment System and the 10-inch and high resolution Display still under 1,000 euros. And for the Parking package with reversing camera and 360-degree view of 900 euros to spend, then you have to 51.556,75 Euro, the most important technology on Board. The money you create on here is well spent. When consumption it brings out the more cost loose again.

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Rudolf Bögel


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