The nubuck leather as well as suede leather, a fine suede. Its velvety-soft surface is characterized by the slightly sanded from the grain side – the Material is particularly breathable, but also more sensitive to UV-radiation. It is even more important to maintain the leather regularly and properly clean. How this works without damaging the surface, we will show you.

The best cleaning tips for nubuck leather tip 1: The degree of pollution plays a crucial role in the cleaning: Is the nubuck leather, just a little dusty, should be edited the surface with a special suede leather brush gently. The crepe pad consists of fine rubber slats, the gently fine dust particles to remove. In addition, the leather brush can be used, the Material to be roughened after the use of care products once again.Tip 2: dirty leather easily and has unsightly salt and water edges, a Mesh sponge is the better choice. He does not exempt the Material from dirt, but roughens the polished leather. Alternatively, a foam rubber Block can remedy the situation – the dry cleaner is, however, treated with caution, as it can damage the Material if too much pressure onto the Block, and thus the leather is exercised. Tip 3: If the leather is very dirty, must be the dirty Spots first with warm water and a dirt brush cleaned – alternatively, there is also a special cleaning foam for all materials. Afterwards care must be taken in every case to let the damp Put in a warm place to dry, otherwise, can smell the leather uncomfortable or even mold will start.The most important care tips for nubuck leather

For the optimal nubuck leather care is the impregnation of a crucial role. It serves especially for protection of the surface against pollution, UV radiation and moisture. The waterproofing spray can penetrate into the fibers, and to its optimal effect to be achieved, it must be on the Shoe or garment is applied, before any other care products are used.

you should follow these steps:

Take the leather brush in your Hand and loosen the fibers by gently brushing.Impregnate the nubuck leather as it says on the packaging instructions.Repeat the first step again.Then, use a liquid polisher designed specifically for nubuck.Let the leather dry and then repeat the first step.

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