After a fatal accident on Tuesday on the A6 between Roth and Nürnberg-Süd junction to a 47-year-old Truck driver died. On the road it came to a Situation that has become a sad reality in the case of a serious accident: onlookers slowed sharply and whip out your phone to film the scene of the accident. This has formed an eight-Kilometer-long traffic jam.

The head of the police Feucht, Stefan Pfeiffer, went ahead with the unusual means against the disrespectful behavior of the Gaffer. “Out you come, I will show you something. (…) You want to see Dead? Photos of them make? (…) Shame on you!”, the official said several curious passersby had formed all and confronted her with her behaviour in front of the camera. For the Bavarian radio, the official said: “you must remember, what you do, actually, and we note that the direct Confront with the Situation makes people shocked and realize this is not a game. This is a bitter reality”.

the fight against voyeurism Drastic action against Gawker: COP wants to look funny corpse show The reactions on Pfeiffer’s behavior are positive

the media has picked up the Video of the BR quickly and Pfeiffer’s behaviour received a lot of praise. Also Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann very well to Pfeiffer’s reaction on Facebook: “The behavior of many of the Gaffer’s rude and irresponsible. I am pleased that the police brought Mr some curious passersby had formed all times emotionally close”.

Pfeiffer’s Intention was never to show the curious passersby had formed all really the body, quoted by “The mirror”, the press spokesperson of the police headquarters middle Franconia Elke schoenwald. He wanted to confront them with their behavior, and you hold up a mirror.

In the local press, “inFranken” reported the fireman, Rudolph Heimann that he had to intervene in a similar incident on the A3. In the case of a fatal accident on the A3 in November 2017, he splashed Gaffer with the fire hose in the open car Windows. Heimann welcomed the courageous by attack of Pfeiffer: “It’s the same thing, the stand films again and again, and we have no Chance to come somehow. To keep us not only to do our work. This is frustrating. My personal opinion is, belonging to out, where a penalty and a driving ban for a year”.

fines will not scare Gaffer from

at the moment, a fine must be paid by 128,50 Euro and the Gaffer to get a point in the Central traffic register. Since 2017, a law applies that look to punish funny harder – with up to a year in prison. However, the current law only applies to the filming and Photographing of injured people and not of deaths. The Federal Council requests that the penalties against Gawker should be increased in the future.

sources: “The mirror”, “inFranken”, Bavarian broadcasting, Joachim Herrmann on Facebook


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