Olkhovsky, Gregory: the only soldier shot in the heart who survived

Heroes 24/01/20 Gregory Olkhovsky: the only soldier shot in the heart who survived

the Injury of vital organs, usually leads to death. But in the domestic medical practice there are cases that refute this postulate. There are people “in Russian villages”, which, for example, after a bullet wound to the heart continue to live, with a full life.

had Died defending the Homeland

a veteran of the great Patriotic war Grigory Ivanovich olkhovskiy, who was born in 1922 in the village of Stretenka Donetsk region, falls into this ones.

In 1939 he was admitted to the Komsomol, and later became Secretary of the Komsomol cell of four local farms in Donetsk region. 5 may 1941 Olkhovsky called to serve in the worker-Peasant Red Army. Early in the war he participated in the defense of Leningrad. Near the town of Luga part of it, once in the environment, received the order at all costs to escape from the ring. Began to work on a plan of action. To start decided to deceive the enemy about the attempt to break through. Olkhovsky at some point had to overcome 4 km to reach the gunners, which was given the task to make a diversion, and give them the order to relocate to the main site through. Olkhovskiy to emplacements came and warned the fighters, but when they moved, he was struck by a bullet in the chest. Senior squad the gunners, as expected, took his blood-soaked documents, and the soldiers left. Soon, the parents of Gregory S. Olkhovsky received a funeral notice that their son died defending the Homeland.

Alive with a wounded heart

a week after the battle, olkhovskiy woke up in the ward of a military hospital. How he survived and how he promptly received medical attention, no one knew. Obviously, during the lull in the abandoned gun emplacements were transferred to other parts of the Soviet troops and crewsand nurses who examined the fallen, and found that one of them still breathing, although very seriously wounded. In the end, the experienced surgeon successfully managed to pull out a German machine-gun bullet from the heart of a soldier. It was a miracle.

the Famous French surgeon and physiologist rené Leriche in the book “memories of my past life” wrote about such things the following: “In most cases, wounds of the heart lead to death, but if the wound is small, then the victim some time to assess the severity of the resulting damage. Gradually, however, within a few hours develops cardiac tamponade. The blood that flows […], fills and inflates to the limit of the pericardium and compresses the heart, which can not accept a new batch of blood and push it into the vessels. The wounded man swell neck veins, shortness of breath develops. Frequent the heartbeat, the pulse is very weak. The skin is pale, bluish, lips blue. […] This time the wounded man is still alive, it is likely that this contributes to what chamber of the heart came the fatal bullet. […] In the hospital received no more than a quarter of such patients, the rest die on the stages of evacuation. […] Some of them require intensive care surgeries in the next 15 minutes […]. The mortality rate for gunshot wounds of the heart most high compared with wounds from bladed weapons…”

War and the life

Many months Gregory olkhovskiy was recovering in hospital of the city of kovrova. At the time in Kovrov, the evacuation was a designer of small arms, the Creator of the domestic machine guns Vasily Alekseyevich Degtyarev with his family. His daughter donated blood for transfusion Olgovskoye her, and he’s a military contractor took an active part in the treatment and the fate of a wounded soldier. In 1942, Gregory S. Olkhovsky declared unfit for military service. But he still achieved sending on front. Asked him back, he fought at Stalingrad, in the Caucasus, the Baltic, and was again wounded. Home Grigory returned in 1945. He got a job at Donetsk xhimiko-metallurgical plant and after a couple of decades even became the head of the household works on it.

Valuable award

In 1970, Grigory Ivanovich olkhovskiy in a group of veterans was invited to the Leningrad Museum. And in the exposition of the military glory he saw his shot Komsomol card, which on that fateful day from the left pocket of his shirt took the gunners, believing that he killed. Olkhovsky were quick to share their story with the guide. A bullet pierced and covered with blood Komsomol ticket number 1242676 and is now in the exposition of the State Museum of history of St. Petersburg.

In 1974, the Museum staff invited Grigory Ivanovich Olkhovsky to celebrate 30 th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi troops near Leningrad and organized a meeting with the Cuban delegation. Someone from the audience asked him about available awards. And the veteran replied that the greatest reward for him is that he was shot through the heart was still alive. Because of lucky, as he is in the world a few units.

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