Timur mucuraev: what mistakes were made in his songs, the most famous

Another 17/02/20 Timur mucuraev: what mistakes were made in his songs, the most famous “bard of the militants,”

Songs of the musician Timur Mutsurayev, who during the First Chechen war was glorified Jihad and praised such notorious terrorists as Shamil Basayev, to this day popular. Meanwhile, in the texts of Mutsurayev often glimpses of historical and factual errors and are violations of the norms of the Russian language.

Caucasian bard

From 1994 to 2000, Timur mucuraev, the former champion of the Chechen-Ingush Republic in karate, fought for the “independent Ichkeria”. It was part of a detachment of field commander Ruslan Gelaev. During this period, had recorded most of his songs. Despite the texts being part of the motives of national pride and the sacred war, mucuraev sang mainly in Russian, and listened to him not only the Chechens.

“we Know that Mutsurayev’s songs gained a certain popularity among Russian men. They are twisted in some Moscow clubs. The study of the phenomenon of their popularity – not only cultural and legal, and psychiatric symptoms”, – says senior researcher of the Russian Institute for cultural research Alexander Lucy in the article “Smartext as sorcress: Caucasian and Caucasian rock trickster”.

However, it should be noted that the glory of Mutsurayev is understandable – his work absorbed the traditions of Russian bard song. Many of the recordings by the Chechen have nothing to do with politics (although some of the songs included in the Federal list of extremist materials).

the Ghostly Baysangur

In albums Mutsurayev often questionable, from the point of view of historians, the stories. For example, the song “Baysangur Baniewski” is based on emerged in the XIX century legend that in the besieged Russian troops Gunib was the most Baysangur of the Chechen Benoa. According to the text Mutsurayev, the Baisangurov had a conflict with the Imam Shamilem:

“All in a rage and madness,

was Baysangur when I found out about

That the surrender of Shamil decided”.

sitting on his horse, Chechen, along with 30 soldiers broke out of Gunib and fought in the mountains.

However, the story about the stay of Baisangurov in Gunib in August 1859 not supported by any documents (nor Russian, nor Arabic). The researcher Patimat Tanaeva of the Institute of Oriental studies calls this story “a late invention of the authors of the second half of the twentieth century”.

the Chechens – the descendants of the Trojans?

In the song “We nahi from the people of Noah” Timur mucuraev presents the legendary version of the origin of the Chechen people. He attributes the Chechens kinship with the old Testament Patriarch Noah. This concept interprets the self Chechens “of nochi” as “people of Noah”. Meanwhile in the biblical text gives an account of the descendants of Shem, ham, and Japheth, and to which branches are Chechens is unclear.

After some scientists telling us that the Caucasians came from Central Asia and mucuraev claims that the Chechens have found a continuation of the “Urartu, Celtica and Troy.” However, to date, science does not have adequate evidence to support this hypothesis.

Actual error

In the song “12 thousand Mujahideen” Timur mucuraev promises that the Chechens will go to the East and conquer Jerusalem. In this case it would be better to say “the middle East”, since geographically, Jerusalem is located in the South-West of Chechnya.

the Song “Gelevski special forces” originally contained a mention of the su-29, which could not participate in the fighting in Chechnya, as it is a sport plane. Subsequently mucuraev replaced it in the text on the su-25.

the Distortion of the Russian language

In some texts Mutsurayev there are violations of Russian grammar.

“I roam the city among the deaf of ruins,

Remember the days when he was Megalodon” – sings the bard in the song “the City of Grozny”.

But such words as “Megalodon”, not in the dictionary, there would be “crowded”.

Instead of the expressions “sink into Oblivion” mucuraev uses the phrase “to sink into the summer”. In the song “King Solomon”, despite its high artistic merits, there are ignorant revolution “brought with him a graduating speech.” At the same time, all these mistakes can be attributed not to the ignorance of the singer of the Russian language and the poetic liberties that allow myself and many Russian authors.

Timur Sagdiyev

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