Stephanie Grisham will receive many congratulations. And many of them are you have probably wished a lot of happiness, according to the Motto: a Lot of success, which can be fun.

As the press-Secretary of Donald Trump has it not easy. The thundering Twitter storm of the US President, his numerous Half – truths and falsehoods and non-stop accusations against this “Fake News”-the media – all this must be somehow (and, of all things) in front of the “Fake News”-media is explained. And state-supporting, it should be Packed in the best case. A Job that has worn out in three years, two Managers.

Now it’s time to teach so Stephanie Grisham. The 42-Year-old communications Director and press spokesperson of the White house. She could “think of no better Person” for this double-role, tweeted the First Lady Melania Trump, the Grisham in March 2017 as their spokesperson in the East Wing of the White house repeated. The Post should you keep. Grisham will be found starting in July, but probably more frequently in the West Wing near the Oval Office. The U.S. President will find the “fantastic”.

in fact, Grisham seems to be the logical successor to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and their farewell was surprisingly announced. More than that, It’ll even do a “total and complete sense,” says CNN. Grisham is Team Trump for so many years, mess with the press, shows the power of consciousness, and gives unwelcome critic out of the way.

Stephanie Grisham, an old friend of the Team Trump with a new Item

Trump places a high value on loyalty. Who is brushing against his Agenda, is not as easy – for some people have to pay with their expulsion. Grisham is considered to be extremely loyal. She came back in the summer of 2015 to trump’s campaign team. It is, therefore, one of the few employees who was able to keep from the early days – the has in Trumps personnel carousel is actually a rarity.

she enjoys the confidence of Melania Trump. Grisham, the First Lady defended with their feisty nature as a lawyer for the well-being of children and positioned sometimes as a stand-alone counter-part to her effervescent husband. Example: In August 2018 Melania Trump warned of Cyber-bullying, while Donald Trump on Twitter and almost scolded about the “worst Director of the CIA in the history of our country”. Double standard? Grisham defended the First Lady in a guest post for CNN: The First Lady to stay true to themselves and represent their own positions, wrote them there, and tried to focus on her charity work.

Unpleasant critic gives you out of the way. To do this, Mira Ricardel, who was fired last November as a Deputy National security adviser to Trump belonged to, apparently. Why? Ricardel is supposed to have fallen in with Melania Trump in disgrace, apparently, it reported, went to organizational questions about first Solo overseas trip of the First Lady to Africa, such as the “New York Times”. Grisham released a Statement on behalf of the First Lady and the end of probably Ricardels career: “It is not the Position of the office of the First Lady that she deserves the honor no longer to serve in the White house.” A day later Ricardel was dismissed.

Grisham showed her the power of consciousness, but also to the media representatives (what could impress the US President perhaps): in 2016, you had withdrawn as a speaker of the house of representatives from Arizona, several journalists have accreditation. Officially, because they had been denied a new Background Check. Unofficially, it want to have the Affected understood as a tit for tat for a revelation about their former superiors. About the case, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

you might back to the press, unlike its controversial predecessor. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has not been appreciated due to their often confrontational appearance of journalists just. To the Team of special investigator Robert Mueller, she had to admit even to have representatives of the media lied to. Last Sanders had refused to give representatives of the media and official Briefings. It was only in spontaneously convened and informal rounds the questions of journalists. The last press conference is already more than a hundred days. With voltage is expected, whether Grisham brings back the press conferences in the White house. It should internally be discussed, reported the New York Times: The press conferences could give Trumps Mission, re-election, the starting gun he has recently been given a boost.

sources: New York Times, CNN, CNN (guest post), “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, With materials of the news agencies DPA and AFP



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