The German aid organisation, Sea Watch with their rescue ship, despite a ban in Italian waters and risking a penalty.

“I have decided, in the port of Lampedusa to retract. I know what I’m risking, but the 42 Rescued are exhausted,” said the captain of the “Sea-Watch 3”, Carola Missiles, on Wednesday. “I’ll have you safe now.”

Sea-Watch had saved two weeks ago, a total of 53 migrants from Libya, but got no mooring permit in a European port. A recently enacted government decree in Rome, provides for penalties of between 10,000 and 50,000 euros, if private ships with the Rescued on Board illegally in the Italian waters. According to the new “security decree” must pay the penalty in the future, the captain, the ship’s operator and the owner of the ship.

The package goes back to the head of the right-wing Lega, Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini,. This raged literally after the announcement of the Sea-Watch. “I will not be giving anyone permission to go to the country,” said Salvini in a Live Video on Facebook. Italy could no longer be a “pier for Illegal” and will use every legal means to stop “this disgrace”.

The rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3” endured for days in international waters near the Sicilian island of Lampedusa. Appeals from relief organizations, the Rescued in a safe port to get off to, ran into the Void. So far, only eleven people were brought in, among other things, because of their health status in the country. On Tuesday Sea-Watch had failed with an urgent application before the European court of human rights, the NGO wanted to reach the landing in Italy.

Several German cities had declared themselves ready, the migrants to be incorporated. The Federal government requires, but the widest possible participation of the EU member States. Salvini spoke of the “x-th proof of the fact that the European Union – at least as far as the Migration does not exist”.



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