One person was killed in an accident on the ring road in the area Kosino-Ukhtomsky

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Accident happened on the ring road in the Metropolitan area Kosino-Ukhtomsky. They faced two cars.

it is Known that in the accident killed people. Another victim was injured.

“Today at 04:30 on the 7th kilometer of the Moscow ring road (outer side) there was a collision of two vehicles. Previously in a traffic accident one person was injured and one person died,” – wrote the press service of the Moscow traffic police on Twitter.

the Ministry said that at the scene police work. The cause of the accident is not yet established.

“currently, this stretch of road the traffic is slow,” warned the traffic police.

on the Eve of the five cars collided on the ring road near Kashirskoye highway. From-for accidents on this stretch of road encountered difficulties passing through.

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