last Sunday, delivery in the ARD, once again, a “crime scene” from Dortmund. In the Episode “wrath”, and the people who live on the margins of society – in rich citizens and drinkers. Also, there was a lot of illegal Coal mines, destroyed houses. A gloomy Scene. Nearly nine million viewers tuned in yet, including Dortmund’s Lord mayor Ullrich Sierau. The the of his city-drawn image came across so bitter that he wrote a brand letter to the WDR Director Tom Buhrow, including drastic claim.

Dortmunder “crime scene”: the Lord mayor Sierau, except

“personally, I wouldn’t mind if they were the Dortmund-the crime scene set, and Commissioner Faber and his Team in the early retirement chic,” wrote the politician, Sierau, tried his Anger in his eyes regularly negative and backward presentation of Dortmund and the Region to hide in the first place.

quick check “the scene” from Dortmund buddies, Reiki master and Kingdom citizens – > a Thriller about positive and negative energies Of Carsten Heidböhmer

the Lord mayor Sierau: A dissemination of the “Ruhrpott-clichés” of the 80s

Then, Sierau, was even more concrete. The distribution of this “Ruhr-clichés“ from the’ 80s, the WDR disqualifying the people and himself as a producing station: “It is a clumsy representation, without any regional knowledge. Social and economic contexts should match if the images are not from Dortmund, but from Duisburg. The last coal-mine in Dortmund was closed in 1987. The formative time of the coal and steel industry history. In the Ruhr area, there is a bit of a structural change, but the prejudices and clichés the script writer and responsible editors of the WDR sit tight and not let this point of view, to way, apparently,” he said.

WDR responsive with opinion

The WDR has since responded to the letter. First of all, a spokeswoman confirmed that they check the points of criticism. On Tuesday a detailed opinion then followed: You will show a multifaceted picture of the city of Dortmund. The “crime scene” is a fiction, said in the Statement, and will compressed for dramatic reasons, and pointed: “as a result, individual scenes can be perceived as a cliché, other than realistic representations. The polarized, triggers debates – that is, from our point of view is not negative, but rather enriching.”

Also of negative audience reactions, the WDR wants to know anything, these were predominantly positive. In the case of the last public screenings, there was “much applause”.

Sierau to the “crime scene” ever positive, compared with

mayor Ullrich Sierau was looking forward to it already almost ten years ago, before the introduction of the Dortmund “Tatort”, and expressed that the band was now also time to the series. At the time, he even had a screenplay idea: “Young researchers from the Region creates about the College of the ascension, founded a Start-up company, has groundbreaking success – and dark-types attach themselves to his heels,“ he wrote in a guest article for the Berlin “Tagesspiegel“. Maybe the “WDR coming out to meet him” in the next episode.

sources: city of Dortmund “Ruhr Nachrichten”


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