Yesterday, today, gone: The police in Wuppertal are missing a Blitzer. This was on the L74 between Wuppertal and Solingen. Where the device once stood, now only a Stump. The police believe that the speed camera was stolen.

Sawed off and stolen: Unknown steal Blitzer

be the culprit in a professional approach, reported in the WDR last week. Accordingly, the speed camera was sawed off and clean the cables neatly clipped. A police spokesman believed, among other things, that a motorist could be behind it, was too fast and scared of losing his driver’s license.

The speed camera is to be placed. This will but not just cheap. Around 60,000 Euro at all costs, to replace the Blitzer. When the device back in its place and speeders to photograph, and this was not. The thief may have his action for the time being success. Because the stolen cameras have not transferred the data automatically to the Central office.

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thieves steal again and again, Blitzer

Already in the past year, some of the cameras were stolen the round. At the end of may 2018 Unknown stole on a busy street, a red-light speed cameras. This hung in a height of three meters.

Also very bold, a camera thief was in the middle of may 2018 in Switzerland. During a mobile speed measurement of Unknown speed cameras, including a camera stole. The responsible police officer was sitting in the car in his patrol and had the meter in the view.

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