History 10/03/20 Operation “Canned goods”: as the chief of the Gestapo provoked the outbreak of the Second World

For the people of our country the Great Patriotic war began June 22 at four in the morning, when the Nazis attacked the USSR. However, in Europe the war came two years earlier on 1 September 1939. On this day after the operation “Canned goods”, conducted under the personal direction of Heinrich Muller, Germany declared war on Poland.

“Righteous retribution”

no Doubt that Germany shortly after the signing of the infamous European countries Munich agreement attacked Poland, no one was. However, for the beginning of any war requires a pretext. No wonder even the street thugs never attack immediately, but first asked to smoke. The provocations against Poland, Adolf Hitler instructed the chief of the Imperial government of the Reinhard Heydrich, the Gestapo chief, Heinrich müller, and the head of the group of saboteurs Alfred Naujocks. Soon came the insidious plan of attack dressed in Polish military uniforms of the SS soldiers at the German border guards and radio station in the border with Poland town of Gleiwitz (now Polish territory). After the capture of the radio station pseudo poles had to broadcast anti-fascist statement. Thus the scene was supposed to throw the corpses of the victims of the attack. They had become in advance of slain prisoners of a concentration camp. Since prisoners in the slang of soldiers and officers of the SS were called “canned”, the operation was called. Responsible for the delivery to the destination of the “canned” was assigned to Mueller, and directly behind the attack on the radio station sturmbannfuhrer SS Naujoks. Spies were recruited from several departments of the SS. One of the main selection criteria was fluency in the Polish language. During the operation, none of the disguised saboteurs were not to be in possession of documents of the SS or SD to brto osat a shadow on the leadership of the Third Reich, in case something goes wrong. Password for the operation should be transferred to the saboteurs phrase: “Grandma died.”

Preparing for surgery

preparations began on 10 August 1939. Naujocks arrived in Gleiwitz, accompanied by five terrorists. The whole group, carefully posing as ordinary tourists, had settled in a local hotel and went to look at the place of forthcoming operation. Seeing an ordinary provincial town with a small radio, Naujoks decided that everything will go smoothly. A few days later the commandos on the orders of Himmler issued Polish uniforms and ordered to prepare for the beginning of the operation. Some soldiers had to attack on foresters as the Polish militia, and the second group, dressed in Polish army uniforms to storm the radio station. 20 August 1939 saboteurs gathered for the final briefing and two closed trucks were sent to the place of operation. But only on 23 August, after the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Hitler approved the date and time of the attack on Gleiwitz. It was to be held on 26 August at 4-30 in the morning.

better luck next time

Most surprising that information about a top secret operation, somehow became known opponents of the Nazi regime. The leak provoked the officers of the Abwehr, the active opponents of the war. Moreover, German military intelligence did Hitler’s plans to compromise the Polish public. For this purpose, published the Protocol of Hitler’s speech before the leadership of the army, on 22 August 1939. The words of the Fuhrer have added just one sentence, which contained information about the direction of several companies to stage a Polish attack. The Protocol was in the British Embassy, and from there was sent to the heads of European countries. In the end, Mussolini is very hard have talked to Hitler, warning him away from risky step, and the UK, and all hastened to conclude an agreement with Poland about mutual military assistance. The operation had to be urgently cancelled. But the first group had already been in Poland and would soon attack the German guards. To save the situation rushed personally Muller. Despite the fact that the border guards was attacked by the disguised saboteurs could stop them, before it would start much bloodshed. In gratitude Mueller entrusted the second attempt of storm of the Frames. The new date of the operation, Hitler was determined on 1 September 1939.

“Hands up!”

this time everything went smoothly. In four hours the day before the storm of Naujoks in his room heard the phone ring. The person at the other end of the phone asked him to call back. As agreed, head of the group of saboteurs scored one known to him room. From the tube sounded passphrase “Grandma died.” Capture radio stations scheduled for 19-30, the “canned” people Muller had to drop to 20-20. 20-00 commandos stormed the radio station and shouting in Polish, “hands up”, twisted to all employees who did not even think to resist, and locked in the basement. Over the next few minutes, the radio listeners listened to fiery anti-fascist appeal in the Polish language. In the background was gunshots and scream. At this time the ride “canned”. The dead prisoners laid out inside and around the station. No losses among the saboteurs, nor among the employees of the radio station was not. The next day, Hitler addressed the nation with a speech in which blamed Poland for the attack on a German border town and declared war on her. To investigate the treacherous Polish attack on a radio station in Gleiwitz went personally to the Gestapo chief müller, accompanied by the chief of police the Sky. Of course, the fault of the poles has not been challenged. Therefore, the operation “Canned goods” was the reason for the outbreak of the Second World war.

Dmitry Sokolov

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