police officers have pulled in Stuttgart with a driver from the traffic, had loaded his family’s car and reckless and so out on the highway. On the roof rack of the 46 had the stacked-Year-old, among other things, boards, tires, and bicycles, the police announced.

The rear-mounted Bicycle carrier he had turned On him, he was carrying a piano, on the top of an office chair and sat enthroned. The police officers from Ludwigsburg put the car on the scales. Result: The car was almost 400 pounds heavier than allowed.

The officials said the Romanian man, the more travel and scored 95 Euro as a so-called safety performance. After the 46-Year-old had organised a trailer to he invited parts of its cargo and drove on.

the policemen had advanced, after on early Saturday morning, motorists were on the overloaded cart to the attention of the emergency selected. On the way, he was on the motorway a 8 (Stuttgart–Munich), was stopped between the connection point Leonberg-Ost and the motorway junction Stuttgart.


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