this Time it took 29 minutes for two goals. The sovereign 4:1 against Wales BVB striker Paco Alcacer celebrated his Comeback in the Spanish national team. And how: He was the oven of constant danger and yellow, presented in the Spanish national team Jersey as the conclusion as strong as in the black. With the incredible rate of seven goals in four (Short)inserts raptured, the 25-Year-old is currently the BVB.

in Spain, the press celebrated the 1.75-Meter man euphoric. “He was an Inspiration,” said “El País”: “Paco Alcácer beats Wales k. o.!” “Alcacer has extended his meteoric run,” wrote the daily sports newspaper “Marca”, and “El Mundo Deportivo” to baptized him directly in “Pacogoal”.

In the cheering arias also coach Luis Enrique agreed. “Alcácer is at the Moment is huge, because he is in a Phase, the players only rarely achieve,” he said: “What we currently see from him is a miracle.” Enrique has as Alcácer is a past at FC Barcelona. And that’s exactly where you need to listen to a number of things to ensure that they leave the top scorer for relatively cheap two-million euros fee (option to purchase 23 million euros) to Dortmund draw.

“Alcácer could be a historical error for the FC Barcelona”, writes the sports newspaper “Marca”: “It is inexplicable that he was on loan this season, Luis Suarez and more rest breaks should be given to Borussia Dortmund.” As the international break has transpired, Alcácer and BVB have already agreed on a Four-year extension of the agreement until 2023.

Bartra hits

“El Mundo Deportivo” was the surprising performance of explosion-a simple explanation. “He has to loot a spectacular goal, since he fled from Luis Suarez’s shadow to Dortmund. In Germany, he has finally found his peace. The leadership of Barcelona has not believed in him.“

Alcácer was replaced in Wales after a good hour of play and of the Bank attended, with Marc Bartra is another professional with BVB-hit reference, was then modest. “It is a little bit of everything: happiness, self-confidence, trust of the Coach, inserts, and especially the daily work,” revealed the 25-Year-old secret of his success. Thanks for the trust is currently lush.


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