Partisan Ariadne Kazei: the fate of the sister of a pioneer-hero

Heroes 26/01/20 Partisan Ariadne Kazei: the fate of the sister of a pioneer-hero

About the feat of the Belarusian pioneer hero Marata Kazeya, especially in the Soviet years, a lot has been written. But his sister Ariadne is most often forgotten. Meanwhile they fought in the same partisan detachment. Then Ariadna Ivanovna lost both legs. On crutches, she stood at a chalkboard until the end of his life, at times hitting students and their statements.

family tragedy

Before the war, Ariadne, and her younger brother managed to SIP a lot of grief. Usually information about the head of the family Kazei Soviet biographers have tactfully overlooked. Here and in the publication of “Pages of history of young Leninists” M. V. Fokina, I. G. Gordini and B. M. Zumakulovoy 1976, Ivan G. no words. And his wife says, not all. Although at the time, at least, Kazei-senior have been rehabilitated. If you believe the author of the book “Nesvyadomy” the history of White Russia” Vseslav Sinkevich, in 1935, the father of the future pioneer-hero, was arrested on suspicion of sabotage. And Anna and even more so visited places not so remote twice for alleged “Trotskyism”.

nevertheless, Anna continued to advocate for the Soviet system, and when the Great Patriotic war, sheltered in his house the wounded. For this the Germans and hanged. Anna Kazei was the victim of one of the first public executions committed by the invaders in Minsk. As argued many years later, Ariadna Ivanovna, her brother made a heroic act not only in order to take revenge on the Nazis for the mother, but also to prove to everyone that his father is not an enemy of the people and raised a worthy son. Anyway, after his mother’s death of Marat and Ariadne Kazei have moved to the guerrillas.

Amputation in the dugout

Then Ariadne Kazei was only 16 years old. But the rights of the older sister she always encouraged Marat to say: the time for tears they have. At least that isit describes the events of Alexander Bondarenko, in his book “Young heroes of the Fatherland.” However, by the time Marat, blew himself up the last remaining grenade, Ariadne as a partisan was gone. Belarusian partisans in that period was frequently in the environment. Sometimes they managed to break during combat, but sometimes they just wandered into the forest, confusing tracks. In one of such trips Ariadna and frostbitten feet.

Send hero’s sister on the “mainland” did not succeed, and as Ariadne learned. Gangrene, which could easily lead to death. As reported by the newspaper “education” in 1971, the guerrilla doctor Ivan Dyachenko made the decision to amputate the girl both feet. Amputation Dyachenko carried out in the dugout with the help of ordinary knife without anesthesia and painkillers. It was in January 1943, and in the hospital, Ariadne fell in June. But the suffering girl did not end there: she had to go through several complicated operations.

Custom teacher

before the war Ariadne Kazei dreamed of becoming a pilot. And one friend, seeing how she dances, told her to finish ballet school. But neither the one nor the other, for obvious reasons, never happened. After winning Ariadna Ivanovna decided to devote his life to the younger generation. According to the encyclopedia “Great Patriotic war” Konstantin Zalessky, Kazei graduated from the philological faculty of the pedagogical Institute and the rest of my life spent in a typical high school of the city of Minsk. In 1968 she was awarded the title of Hero of Socialist labor.

And this despite the fact that Ariadna Ivanovna always had an unusual perspective on pedagogy. For example, in the collection “Library of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in 1977, there is a mention of the fact that Kazuya believed obedience to the beach school. And when asked why, she replied: “Obedient will never stick my neck out for their principles”. In General, Ariadne Kazei loved the way she expralas, “the expendables” students, probably because she was. Despite the amputation, she independently drove a car and was admitted in interviews that he doesn’t know what it is: according to Ariadna Ivanovna, she had never experienced this feeling.

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