Patients Department of chemotherapy center of Blokhin signs COVID-19 not found

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

patients of chemotherapy Department of the SMRC Oncology, Blokhin signs of coronavirus infection have been identified. The centre continues to work in a regular mode, informs the Agency “Moscow”.

“Hospital patients needing urgent specialized treatment, continues,” – told in the press service of the institution.

it Also reported that six patients who came in contact with the employee, which revealed tested positive for the coronavirus, he is taken under special control.

At present, all patients were isolated in chambers. Soon they will take the tests COVID-19, the main treatment was temporarily suspended.

Earlier it became known that one of the employees of the cancer center have discovered coronavirus. Admission of citizens to the health facility was suspended.

the employee of the cancer center named after Blokhin discovered coronavirus

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