Paul Batitsky: how to fight the Marshal, who personally shot Beria

Biography 07/03/20 Paul Batitsky: how to fight the Marshal, who personally shot Beria

Soviet Marshal Pavel Batitsky, even in old age impressed interlocutors with his “thunderous voice”. They called him the “best commander of the defense” in the country’s history. In 1953, Batitsky played a prominent role in the liquidation of Lavrenty Beria – he was executed by sentence of the chief of the NKVD, for which he later was favored by Khrushchev and Brezhnev. Much less is known about the merits of Batitsky in the period of the great Patriotic war – for example, that a star of Hero of the Soviet Union, awarded to him in 1965, Marshall was to receive back in 1943.

the Young commander

the beginning of the great Patriotic war 31-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Batitsky, a native of Kharkov, was listed as chief of staff of the 202nd motorized division. In the darkest days of the German offensive in the Baltic States, the division was holding the line and even tried to counterattack under Siauliai. But then was forced to retreat to the territory of the RSFSR. In the area of Pskov and Novgorod soldiers were surrounded, but managed to get out of it.

In December 1941 as “the best of the chiefs of the headquarters divisions,” Paul Batitsky was appointed the first commander of the division in its submission were 254 th infantry division, the defenders of Staraya Russa. Here is how he described the Batitsky at that time who knew him in the Military Academy. Mikhail Frunze, Vasily Shatilov:

“Pavel successfully combined great military education and youth, was a great commander.”

the document awarding the order of red banner, it was reported that Batitsky in the short term has led 254-th division in full combat readiness and has established cooperation with artillery. In February 1942, his soldiers had distinguished himself during the Demyansk operation, a successful surrounding of the Nazis in the village of Demyansk in Novgorod region.

“the actions of the 254-th infantry division under the leadership of comrade Batitsky helpedand the troops of the army and the front to complete the encirclement of the grouping of General von Busch”, – noted in the premium list.

Missed star

From mid-1943 Batitsky was sent to his native Ukraine, where he took command of the 73rd rifle corps 52nd army of the Steppe front. In autumn, the body double-crossed the Dnieper in September on the site Bakers-Khreschatyk, and in November – in the town of Cherkassy. For the successful liberation of the village Batitsky was officially presented to the command by the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but the stars did not have. There is a version that Batitsky “bypassed” because of his conflict with a certain high-ranking political officer.

the Next stage of the military way of Batitsky was the most difficult Uman-Botosanci operation, held in the spring flood of the rivers and cross-country. In March 1944, troops of the 73rd corps first broke through to the ancient Ukrainian city of Uman.

“His body was distinguished by the speed, discipline and heroic action. Personally P. F. Batitsky showed determination, courage and initiative in battle”, – recalled the battle of Marshal Ivan Konev.

Jealousy of Marshal Zhukov

on the Eve of “operation Bagration” in summer 1944 Batitsky was appointed commander of the 128th infantry corps. He participated in the liberation of Brest and Baranovichi, and then fought in East Prussia. For the successful capture of one of the largest cities of the province of the 128th corps received the name Gumbinnen. Himself major-General Batitsky was then awarded the order of Kutuzov II degree. In East Prussia a subordinate Batitsky were fighting 280 kilometers and destroyed 17 thousand soldiers and officers.

as part of the 1st Ukrainian front Batitsky took part in the Berlin operation, leading an offensive in the area from Berlin to Teupitz. Gradually mastering the southern suburbs of the German capital, the foot soldiers of the 73rd corps was moving to join up with troops of the 1st Byelorussian front. They also provided the crossing of the Teltow canal, a major waterthe first milestone in the South-East of Berlin.

it is Noteworthy that in Berlin, when the soldiers of major General Batitsky approached to a distance of 300 meters to the Reichstag, it even aroused the IRE of the commander of the 1st Belorussian front, Marshal Zhukov, who was “jealous” for military feats and believed that the capture of Berlin – the whole merit of his subordinates.

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