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Looking at pictures of this sweet smiling woman, it’s hard to believe that it was nicknamed the “witch of Buchenwald” and “Frau Shade” and that she is guilty of sophisticated mockeries and murder of tens of thousands of people. But nevertheless it is so.

the Librarian and standartenführer

Ilse köhler was born on 22 Sep 1906 in Dresden, in the family working. At age 15, she enrolled in the school of accountants worked in the accounting Department, and then in the library. In 1932, the girl joined the NSDAP and in 1934 met standartenführer Karl Otto Koch. Two years later they married.

In 1936, Ilse, which now bore the name of her husband – Koch – began to work as a Secretary and also a guard in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin, where Karl Koch, in turn, got the commandant. Thus began their “career” in this field.

Sadistic “hobby”

In 1937 Karl Koch was appointed commandant of Buchenwald. Then ILSA showed itself in all its glory. Walking through the camp, she could just for anything, hit any prisoner with a whip or lash, and even to incite him their shepherd.

But that’s far from the worst. Told me that Lisa was ordered to strip prisoners naked and examined their body for tattoos. Tattooed prisoners were sent to the infirmary, gave them lethal injections, and then in theatre took off their skin and thoroughly processed. Her Frau Koch personally made a variety of crafts – gloves, handbag, covers for books, lampshades, tablecloths… So this woman has earned its “main” nickname “Frau Shade”. Although often called her the “bitch of Buchenwald” and “Buchenwald witch”. Husband all her support and was also part of the atrocities. For example, they both loved to beat their victims bichom pieces of a straight razor. For violations of the order in the camp the prisoners were mutilated fingers like a vise and denounced them to the skin with a hot iron.

Without remorse

In 1941 Ilse became a senior overseer among the guards-women. She often bragged as tortured prisoners, and also “Souvenirs” of human skin, in front of colleagues. In the end information about what the couple Koch, came to the superiors. Qax was arrested. They were tried in Kassel for the “excessive violence and moral decay”. But the couple managed to whitewash themselves, saying that they were victims of slander from detractors.

In September of the same year, Karl Koch was appointed commandant of the camp at Majdanek, where the couple continued their sadistic “activity”. But in July of the following year Charles was removed from office, accusing him of corruption.

In 1943, the spouses Koch was arrested by the SS for the murder of doctor Walter krämer and his assistant. The fact that the doctors treated Karl Koch from syphilis and could be spoken… In 1944 a trial was held. Koch also accused of embezzlement and misappropriation of property of prisoners. In Nazi Germany, this was a serious crime.

In April 1945, Carl was shot in Munich shortly before he went to American troops. Ilse managed to get out unscathed, and she went to my parents at that time lived in Ludwigsburg.

However, on 30 June 1945 she was re-arrested. This time the American military. In 1947 she was tried, but ILSA flatly denied all allegations, repeating that was the only “victim mode”. Did not recognize it and the use of human leather for craft projects.

But against “Buchenwald witch” testified hundreds of survivors of former prisoners. For the atrocities and the killing of prisoners Koch was sentenced to life imprisonment. But a few years later she was released at the request of General Lucius Glue, the acting military commandant of the U.S. occupationtional area in Germany. He considered the allegations that the order of Ilse Koch people were killed, in order to make their skins Souvenirs, unproven.

However, the public did not want to put up with the excuse of “Frau Shade”. In 1951, the West German court again sentenced Ilse Koch to life imprisonment. She never expressed remorse.

1 Sep 1967 Ilse hanged herself in the sheets in the chamber of the Bavarian women’s prison of Aichach. In 1971, it grew up in the orphanage son Uwe, who was born in prison from a German soldier tried to restore the good name of the mother, referring to the court and the press. But it didn’t work out. Although the name Ilse Koch was never forgotten. In 1975 it was made a movie “ILSA, she-wolf of the SS”.

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