Update 9. January 2019, 15.55 PM: The FC Bayern announced on Wednesday, full of joy, that Benjamin Pavard will carry from the summer of the Dress, the Munich-based. The Stuttgart reported so far, not officially. At the request of tz.de it was now called by the VfB: “We confirm the change now”.

This does not mean, however, that the VfB would prevent the Transfer or not informed. Thanks to the well-known Option in Pavards contract, could decide the player of the “summer of free”. At the present time, there is only have not yet signed Transfer agreements between FC Bayern and VfB Stuttgart. With this, the VfB would have announced the change officially. That Benjamin Pavard and FC Bayern are in Transfer talks, the club was informed. VfB sporting Director confirmed this information in the App, My VfB.

VfB-coach Markus Weinzierl was surprised at the point in time when the Pavard change was announced: “With Pavard has surprised me that it has now come out. Otherwise, it was a story that is already rumgegeistert longer,“ he said on Wednesday at VfB’s training camp in La Manga.

He was glad that the world champion from France, sits another half a year “in my cabin”. FC Bayern have committed to a player who “has a rapid ascension behind and take the next step in his career,” says Weinzierl.

to have Already a Stuttgart-based bloggers had accused the FC Bayern and the Pavard-change single-handedly, and without consultation, announced. Might also be the Causa Ribéry to distract (See Update 14.02 clock).

Kovac is looking forward to Pavard: “great Kid”

Update 9. January 2019, 15.18 PM: FCB sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic was happy to be able to visually change from Benjamin Pavard for the summer to announce. But coach Niko Kovac is full of anticipation on the Defensive man. Despite his youth, Pavard have already proven in the Bundesliga, “he has very, very great abilities,” coach Niko Kovac agreed with him. Pavard was a “great Boy, a Boy who wants to take the next step.” In addition, Niko Kovac is looking forward to a very variable player both in defence, as well as on the Position of the outside defender can be used. In addition, Pavard’ve played in Stuttgart on the Six and convinced, Kovac.

Benjamin Pavard: Was the promulgation of the bill of exchange is a to go it alone.

Update from the 9. January, 14.02 PM: The change from Benjamin Pavard was so surprising. Many expected with the Transfer of the French. However, a Blogger who is known in Stuttgart circles collects, some of the allegations against FC Bayern.

With his Podcast “Around the chest ring,” he achieved a lot of VfB Fans. Lennart Sauerwald accuses the record master, that the Transfer would not be matched with VfB Stuttgart, but in the “good old Hoeness-Bayern-F***you manner out was hewn”. These are quite serious allegations in the Red.

In a further Tweet, he writes that the Transfer has been announced so now, because it was distracting from the Ribery scandal to the Golden Steak.

In fact, is to be read on the website of VfB Stuttgart. There, time was given to be equal to the Transfer of Steven Zuber (TSG Hoffenheim). By Pavard, the Swabians (14.11 PM) wrote not a word. Also on the official Twitter page of the club, the Frenchman was not mentioned.

Benamin Pavard: exchange fix! A Frenchman comes to FC Bayern

Update from the 9. January, 10.00 am: Benjamin Pavard moves to FC Bayern Munich. The record Champions confirmed on Twitter. However, the Frenchman will lace until the summer at the Säbener Strasse on his football shoes. “I can report to you that we, Benjamin Pavard 1. July 2019 required. He has signed a five-year contract,” said Hasan Salihamidzic.

according to media reports, the defender will cost approximately 35 million euros. “He has impressed at the world Cup and good performances,” enthuses the Director of sport.

“Benji can be used on multiple positions. This is exactly the idea. This is deliberate, because on both sides an Option. He plays like a Central defender. But he has brought at the world Cup, good performances on the right side. For young players at FC Bayern is important that you are on multiple positions can be used. This gives the club and the coach more options, and is an advantage,“ said the sporting Director at a press conference in Doha.

22-Jäslaves are obtained from the record champion a five-year contract.

Benjamin Pavard for FC Bayern? New insert –

News from the 5. January 2019, 15.18 at:

Valérien Ismaël says in an Interview with the sports image of Benjamin Pavard. “Pavards big advantage is that it is flexible. In the national team, he has set on the right-back position. Even though he plays for VfB in the center of defense, he brought in the national team, the Super-power right rear,“ said the Ex-Bundesliga-Profi. “The question is, which Position the Bavarians would like to have him. I see it most of Position as a right defender.“

Benjamin Pavard: in addition to Bayern apparently, Barcelona and Naples, is interested

News from the 4. January 2019, 9.56 PM: FC Bayern gets in the Advertise to Benjamin Pavard, apparently, more competitive. As the Italian transfer market expert Gianluca Di Marzio reported, want to try the SSC Naples to the world champion VfB Stuttgart.

A step further, the FC Barcelona is already. Their officers have already met with the consultants and the lawyer of the French, to a Transfer in the summer to negotiate.

by Contrast, Sky reported “” that Pavards, FC Bayern is the primary goal to continue – even in the Winter. By contrast, the violation of the professionals, the miss because of a muscle bundle tear of the training camp of the VfB, and probably also to the back round opener against the 1 however, in addition to the previously categorical no of the Swabians. FSV Mainz 05 will only be a spectator.

Benjamin Pavard to Bayern? Brazzo with a clear statement

News vom 13. December, at 9.38 am: It is much discussed, and the excitement of a change by Benjamin Pavard is grown, after Sky should have know that the world champion away would like to in the Winter from Stuttgart. In the framework of the Champions League game against Ajax Amsterdam Hasan Salihamidzic commented on the rumors and made a clear statement.

“I think Stuttgart is in a difficult Situation, and I that that will not come in the Winter in question,” said the sports Director. So this is probably nothing to do with the commitment in the Winter. The inner defender still suffering from currently, crack in addition to a Fiber.

Benjamin Pavard: The competition of Bayern grows

News from the 11. December 17.22 PM: Where are Benjamin Pavard? The Frenchman is said to have asked the VfB Stuttgart to a release. The Controversial champion of The world, would like to leave the Swabians in Winter, so far, has been always speculation about a summer move. This movement, of course, comes neatly in the personnel Pavard, whose only desire is calling, of course, the big clubs of Europe. Bayern shows interest, is manifestly known. But now other clubs want to compete vigorously for the services of the defender. Ironically, the Ex-FCB coach Carlo Ancelotti wants to pilot Pavard, apparently, only too happy to his current club, SSC Napoli,. Sky also reported that Borussia Dortmund will also have the services of the 22-Year-old backup.

Kovac: “It makes no sense”

to have decided the champion of the world after the Sky-information for the FC Bayern. Less than a month ago it should be up to date to the last contact between the sports Director, Hasan Salihamidzic and the Advisor of the French came. A possible winter transfer to at that time have already been discussed.

The sports management Board of VfB Stuttgart, Michael Reschke, denied the burgeoning rumors on Tuesday prompt: “There are no Considerations, Benji in the winter break.”

Also, according to the Bayern coach, Niko Kovac, a change of Pavard to the people of Munich do not. “At the Moment we have three Central defenders,” said the Coach. “I think it makes no sense to go out and get a fourth, fifth, and sixth. So I don’t think anything will change for the Winter.“

Benjamin Pavard in the Winter to Bayern? According to the media one way

News from the 11. December, 15.55 PM: The currently injured world champion Benjamin Pavard probably wants to leave already in the Winter of the relegation threatened VfB Stuttgart. As Sky is reported to have asked the defender to release in the Winter. FC Bayern Munich will be his destination.

In the case of the Swabians, it is not good. Pavard and his teammates are in a relegation battle. At the recent 0:3-defeat in Gladbach, the Frenchman injured himself and is out with a tear longer.

Pavard: No contact with the FC Bayern during the world Cup

News from the 5. December 2018, 15.58 PM: VfB defender Benjamin Pavard has left his future and a possible move to Bayern in the open. “I feel good. What happens in the summer, I don’t know yet,” said the 22-year-old on the football world Cup on Wednesday in Stuttgart and explained to the rumours about a Transfer to the German record Champions after this season: “It’s nice when you hear something. I am focused on Stuttgart and want to score as many points as possible.“

Pavard denied that there had been during the soccer world Cup last summer, a Meeting with a Manager of FC Bayern Munich. On the demand, how big the chances are that he’ll stay this season, VfB Stuttgart, not a he went straight.

Pavards contract at VfB runs until 2024. In the coming summer, the defensive player thanks to the Swabian Bundesliga side an exit clause of 35 million Euro exit.

Pavard for FC Bayern? VfB-coach Markus Weinzierl: “Yes, the level he would have”

News from the 5. December 2018, 9: 53 am: VfB-coach Markus Weinzierl is confident that the French defender Benjamin Pavard, despite a not-so-strong performances to make the leap to a Champions League club. “If you want to know if Benji Yes could play in the future at FC Bayern, the level he had,” said the Coach of the VfB Stuttgart, the “Sport Bild” (Wednesday).

Pavard developed in the Swabian Bundesliga club for the French national team player and won in the summer as a regular player of the world title. “He needs to process only once, in order to bring back 100 percent,” said Weinzierl. “Benji could not imagine to play here against the descent that has him unsettled. In the last few Games he has stabilized.“

Pavard for FC Bayern? Exchange, according to Hoeness is still not fix

News from the 3. December 2018: the change in The French world champion Benjamin Pavard from VfB Stuttgart to Bayern Munich, according to Bayern President Uli Hoeness is still fix. “It would be in dry towels, I would announce it today,” said the 66-Year-old on Monday evening at a meeting of the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” about the defenders, but he also stressed: “of course He is a player who interests us.”

Currently there is the German record football champion, as yet, no concrete plans for additions in the Winter and the summer. “At the Moment we have not spoken about the plans in the winter break and in the summer. We have had in the troubled time we had behind us, no time for transfer planning,“ said Hoeness. Basically, the Bayern Chairman confirmed but a Transfer plan for the upcoming season: “At the 1. In July, there’s still time.“ A proper announcement of the FCB President.

the chief lawyer of the FC Bayern already had during the world Cup, contact Pavard

News on 6. November 2018: Ten games, only five points, with 6:24 goals – world champion Benjamin Pavard experienced after the Triumph of the French national team in the summer, so far a season to Forget with VfB Stuttgart, which he held after the tournament, despite the many offerings of the Faithful. The 22-Year-old will leave in the summer of 2019, the Schwaben, is considered to be safe, the FC Bayern is the absolute Favourite.

a report in the süddeutsche Zeitung talks, because already during the football world Cup in Russia, Michael Gerlinger, in his capacity of chief lawyer of the FC Bayern, and currently, because of the Football Leaks all the rage, with Pavard’ve met. “Anyone on it, if Gerlinger in Moscow, meets with France’s national team players Benjamin Pavard, to arrange with him a Transfer for the summer of 2019,” said the sheet. Place of the Meeting, therefore, should have the 26. June on the edge of the last group game in Denmark against France (0:0) in the Olympic stadium of Moscow – the place where the Équipe Tricolore 19 days later, claimed the title.

Pavard completed this season, all Bundesliga matches of VfB Stuttgart over the full distance, just sat at the first-round Of the DFB-Pokal at third-division side Hansa Rostock over 90 minutes on the bench.

Benjamin Pavard remaining in Stuttgart: “I owed you”

News from the 16. October 2018: Why is Benjamin Pavard stayed at VfB Stuttgart? As a regular player of the French world champion team, he noticed the top European clubs. To Offered, it should not have been lacking, FC Bayern, it is said, with mixed. The defender kicks but in Stuttgart.

In a Telefoot Interview, declared Pavard, 22, now, why he didn’t leave the VfB. “I had many offers, but my thoughts were clear,” he said. “I had to stay one more season in Stuttgart, because I love the Jersey and the Fans. I owed you.“

In Stuttgart, told Pavard, feel very comfortable. He does not think that the VfB for a “very, very large German club, with fantastic Fans,” compares him with a “family”. Nevertheless, he indicates in his farewell: “My career plan was to stay one more season in Germany.”

This is also in line with the Details. Pavards contract runs until 2024, in the coming summer but he can leave the VfB Stuttgart with the help of an opt-out clause – reportedly for 35 million euros.

Juventus reports interest to Benjamin Pavard

News from the 14. September 2018: The interest list for Benjamin Pavard grows and grows and grows. According to information from Le10Sport.com to squint also the Italian Champions Juventus on a commitment by the French. According to the report, the new club of Cristiano Ronaldo want to rejuvenate themselves on the Defensive. With Leonardo Bonucci (31), Medhi Benatia (31), Giorgio Chiellini (34) and Andrea Barzagli (37), four of the five interior defenders exceeded in the Team the 30.

Pavard will remain through the coming summer, in addition to VfB Stuttgart, is regarded as highly unlikely. Sporting Director Michael Reschke recently told in an Interview with tz: “Next season, he will move with high probability to one of the big European top club.”

Juve thus joins a growing list of interested parties. A few days ago, Mundo Deportivo reported that the consultant Pavards to have offered the 22-Year-old at FC Barcelona.

FC Bayern Munich, with the Pavard already during the world Cup, has been linked, it will be so to do with a lot of well-known competitors.

competitive for FC Bayern? Also the Spanish Top club is thinking of Pavard

News from the 10. September, 2018: After Benjamin had communicated to Pavard, as early as last week that he had signed with FC Bayern Munich, still no contract from 2019, the Spanish Mundo Deportivo, a club, as a possible buyer for the Central defender of the VfB Stuttgart to the game. According to the sports newspaper Pavards representatives have offered the Frenchman active in the FC Barcelona. The Catalans are currently discussing whether or not an obligation of the 22-would lead to Years of sense.

Financially of the Transfer for the reigning Spanish Champions would be feasible in any case. Thanks to an exit clause Pavard allowed to leave the club next summer for 35 million euros. Also sporting the versatile defender for the “Blaugrana” would be an Upgrade. Especially in terms of the future. Currently, Umtiti, Clément Lenglet, Gerard Piqué and Thomas with Samuel, Vermaelen four Central defenders in the squad of the Catalans, the Latter two have the 30 already exceeded.

The race to Pavard, had made after a strong season in Swabia during the world Cup in the French national team, is opened. And in the case of this well-known competition should be for the FC Bayern not easy to pilot the Shooting Star in the coming summer, to Munich.

Pavard for FC Bayern? VfB-man, asserts: “I Have nothing signed,”

News from the 5. September 2018: someone had the need to change something to clarify! Benjamin Pavard, champion of the world in the service of the VfB Stuttgart and as a safe transfer candidate of the FC Bayern in the next year, acted bored with the French national team is currently in Munich, at the duel against the German national team to prepare for. In media interviews, the 22-Year-old took the opportunity, with the transfer rumours around his Person to clean up.

To L’Equipe said the defensive man: “I have not yet signed anywhere.” Earlier it was been reported that Bayern reached an agreement with Pavard and an opt-out clause in his contract have used, according to the Frenchman in the coming season is allowed to leave the club for 35 million euros transfer fee.

“It is only you journalists who claim, I would have signed (with Bayern),” makes it clear Pavard. “I play in Stuttgart and feel very comfortable there.” Of course, winning the world championship had come earlier than expected, “no one I especially wasn’t expecting it,”. His career plan was “to stay a year in Germany. Here I am in a very big club with fantastic Fans. This club is a family, this is what I need.“

A pre-contract with FC Bayern, there is not so therefore, and a farewell to Germany in the coming summer is getting closer. The benefits Pavards at the world Cup in Russia has also been the European top clubs hidden. The German record champion has to stretch so powerful, would he want to Pavard in the summer of 2019 commit.

Salihamidzic for Pavard

News from the 1. September 2018, 18.15 PM: The transfer window is closed, Benjamin Pavard remains at VfB Stuttgart. Long was known to have been a premature change of the world champion FC Bayern speculated – despite a contract until 2024. In the coming summer, the 22 can leave the-Year-old Stuttgart for 35 million euros, to reach an agreement with the FCB, it should be already.

Also in the run-up to the game of Bayern in Stuttgart on Saturday night, sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic did not want to confirm the. “This is a very, very interesting player,” he admitted in an interview with Sky, in addition, everything is but other “pure speculation”. He wanted to say, but to the Causa Pavard. A clear denial that, however, was not definitely.

media: the decision to Pavard definitively

News from the 23. August 2018, 13.49 PM: soccer-world champion Benjamin Pavard remains the Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart is apparently one more season. According to the Stuttgarter Zeitung and the magazine kicker, a change of the 22-year-old Frenchman, in the ongoing transfer period is finally off the table. Instead, the Polish defender Marcin Kaminski (26) immediately in front of a loan to newly promoted Fortuna Düsseldorf.

“The Bundesliga is a League that I like very much. I’m here for two years, I started in the second League. The stadiums are full. It is really great to play in the Bundesliga,” said Pavard in a Video Interview that appeared on the Twitter channel of the Bundesliga. The embarrassing first-round DFB Cup tie at third-division team, the world champion had missed because of his late entry into the team training, although he had returned early from the vacation. To the Bundesliga kick-off on Sunday at Mainz 05 (15.30 clock/Sky) is Pavard are back in the starting lineup.

According to kicker, there had been five specific requests from European top clubs for Pavard, all of which are higher doped than the exit clause of 35 million euros, which does not apply in the summer of 2019, if the VfB qualified for the Champions League. Top favourite on a commitment in the coming summer, but still record champion Bayern Munich.

News from the 22. August 2018, 09.39 PM: Pavard significantly more expensive than expected? Why this clause tremble Bayern

The rumor mill is bubbling merrily. While for months about a possible change of Benjamin Pavard for FC Bayern Munich is speculated, now appears to be a small clause in the current contract of the player for a possible Deal to exacerbate.

Although Pavard still at the Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart, and this also appears to be at least until next summer plans would be kicking in an exit clause for 2019, the perfect opportunity to bring the 22-Year-old to Munich. For a considerable transfer fee in the amount of 35 million euros, the newly crowned world champion could be set to move from June of next year to the Association. Now, however, could bring a small clause in the coveted Transfer, once again, violently, to Wiggle.

reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, seems to be a collection of the VfB Stuttgart in the Champions League 2018/2019 a possible contract to completion in spite of a fixed transfer fee drastically more expensive. Stuttgart should be able to actually have a place in the Premier class back up would be the previously-determined transfer fee once negotiated, could be attracted in the case of interest from other clubs, once again, drastically. A move to Bayern would no longer be thus, in dry towels even in summer 2019.

+ he soon Wears Red? Benjamin Pavard is traded as access to the FC Bayern.© AFP / FRANCOIS LO PRESTI

Whether this is the case, however, seems more than doubtful, did not reach the VfB in the last Bundesliga season, with seventh place, but once the qualifications for the Europa League. A Reach the king class should, therefore, also in this season is not a target of Stuttgart. According to the Association of the clause was merely a cover for all eventualities, a catchment in the Champions League was really a serious Option for the VfB.

News from the 17. August 2018 22.10 PM

sporting Director Michael Reschke from going from a whereabouts of the French world champion Benjamin Pavard at the football Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart. “Benji is a player for the big Clubs, of course. But a year Stuttgart is doing him really good, he will continue to Mature. He used to come back from vacation, that he is again a totally positive part of the team, speaks for itself,“ said Reschke of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Saturday edition).

Should push Pavard solid on an exchange and, in parallel, an extremely economically interesting transfer offer is available, it would make the VfB thoughts. This is not currently the case. After the convincing world Cup performances of defensive player, has been speculated in recent weeks about a change, especially for FC Bayern Munich. 2019 Pavard can leave the Stuttgart thanks to an exit clause for a transfer fee in the amount of 35 million euros.

News from the 17. August, 2018

The rumors of a change of Benjamin Pavard from VfB Stuttgart to FC Bayern keep for months. Correctly picked up the theme during the world Cup. The professionals of the Red are always confronted with the personnel. Now his French country man Corentin Tolisso, brought together with Pavard the title in Russia manifests itself. The most expensive access in the club’s history takes the speculation with Humor: “We have made about the rumors, circulating on Twitter, funny.” The two colleagues from the “Equipe Tricolore” would have made “in addition to the jokes, whether we next year, or ever play together”. Finally, he no longer knew but also the Public: “He has left nothing out. I don’t know if he’s coming.“

News from the 15. August, 2018

Actually, everything seemed clear: the world champion Benjamin Pavard remains at VfB Stuttgart and will not switch to Bayern Munich. Or does it not? Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic has now fueled the rumors of a possible Last-Minute commitment of the young interior defender. In an Interview with Sport Bild, the Bayern Boss said on the question of whether a Transfer this summer, it was possible to: “Benjamin Pavard is a very interesting player. You have to see what happens.“ Thus, the door for a Transfer of the VfB seems to be a defender, again a gap wide open.

News from the 8. August, 2018

world champion Benjamin Pavard has finished his holiday early, to fast in the pre-season with VfB Stuttgart to join. He would still have to 13. August holiday. “He wanted to train again with the Team, which made us very happy,” said VfB head Michael Reschlke the kicker.

the was a clear sign of the 22-year-old defensive player, in the direction of his current club. It was also announced call of Pavard with the VfB controller. According to the sheet kicker the interview, “deeply relaxed”. A change in this summer is finally on the table – whether it’s to Bayern or any other club.

Reschke also had an important message: “In consultation with Benji, we ask for your understanding for the fact that he would like to focus in the next few days purely on the game and training running, and no public performances will be complete.”

News from the 1. August, 2018

With this clear announcement is expected to be completed in the speculation. On the question of whether Benjmain Pavard will change this summer from VfB Stuttgart to FC Bayern, no set FCB Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge clear in an interview with the Sport Bild: “. We have Hummels, we have Süle, we have Martinez who can play in defence, Alaba, and two young players, Luke may and Chris Richards. There’s a lot of quality.“ Also, for the case of a transfer of Jerome Boateng, the world champion would be no longer an Option for 2018.

News from the 29. July 2018

VfB Stuttgart has received, according to sporting Director Michael Reschke is still no offer for his sought-after football world champion Benjamin Pavard. “We are convinced that Benji is still playing a season with us. It is not made request to him with us,“ said Reschke on Sunday the image.

After his strong world Cup with France, the 22-year-old defender had been brought in recently with Bayern Munich. The SWR had reported that Pavard have already signed up during the tournament in Russia from 2019, a valid contract with the German record Champions. In the coming summer, Pavard can leave the Swabians, thanks to an exit clause of 35 million euros.

News from the 25. July 2018

millions of football Fans have decided: The goal of Bavaria’s outdoor defender of desire, Benjamin Pavard, for the French national team in the game against Argentina, the most beautiful goal of the last world Cup.

The spectacular matches of the Bundesliga players at the 4:3 of the later title winner for France against Argentina is to football Fans all over the world to the “gate of the 2018 world Cup” has been selected. The world governing body FIFA announced. By the freestyle of his art shot in the eighth-final duel of the “Equipe Tricolore” with the South Americans at the time 2:2 became the 22-year-old defensive player of VfB Stuttgart for the first European winner in the twelve year history of the award.

News from the 22. July 2018

In a large Interview with the French sports newspaper L’equipe has Benjamin Pavard expressed, among other things, to its athletic future. On the question of whether he needs to go in this transfer window, he replied in the Translation of the sports image: “no, not necessarily. I feel very comfortable in my club. I’ve always said that I would like to play for a Champions League club. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be sure to give this summer. But if there is an opportunity, all of which are still not satisfied, why?“

with the world title, and his strong performances, the starting situation is a different one now: “My Status has changed: I am no longer the little Boy who is just arrived, I am now the champion of the world. Maybe I’ll also Jeurmont (Anm. d. Red.: Pavards place of birth) (he laughs). There are many clubs that want me. First of all I’m going to go now into the holiday.“

Benjamin Pavard for FC Bayern? News from 20. July 2018

Changes Benjamin Pavard to FC Bayern Munich? Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said on Friday restrained the allegedly perfect Transfer of the world champion VfB Stuttgart at the Isar. “First, I would like to comment on basically no rumors of the transfer market. Since we have been in the last few weeks, enough to face, regardless of the name,“ said the 62-Year-old on the verge of a tribute to Ex-Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes in the FCB world of experience.

Rummenigge added that “a lot of things correspond to the facts” and “there is also nothing to add to that”.

News from the 19. July 2018

already all under one roof? It seems so! According to information from the southwest German radio (SWR) Benjamin Pavard from VfB Stuttgart during the FIFA world Cup 2018 signed in Russia, signed a contract at FC Bayern, starting in the summer of 2019. The record master transfers the Swabians, thanks to an exit clause in the contract of the French world champion 35 million euros.

The time of the exchange but it is not to be fix, currently, talks between VfB Stuttgart and FC Bayern about an immediate change. For this purpose, the Red would need to engage but probably a lot deeper in the pocket to get to the world Cup shooting star in advance at the Isar river. It is also conceivable, the following variant would probably be: FC Bayern secured the rights to Pavard now, lends him for a year, back to Stuttgart.

News from the 16. July 2018

in addition to Bavaria’s Corentin Tolisso has the Bundesliga with Benjamin Pavard from VfB Stuttgart to a further champion of the world. But if the legal defenders of the “Equipe Tricolore” will accrue in the coming season for the Swabians, is uncertain. Now the Daily Mirror writes that Tottenham Hotspur, on 22-Year old interested. Accordingly, Pavard stand on the so-called Shortlist, you should leave the Belgian Toby Alderweireld, of London, as is to be expected.

At the world Cup in Russia, the lure had missed the head, only the meaningless third group game, and otherwise, every game over the full distance completed. At the 4:3 in the second round against Argentina Pavard had levelled with a shot of the only French residue during the tournament, the 2:2.

News from 9. July 2018

Benjamin Pavard a year at VfB Stuttgart, or he goes after the still ongoing football world Cup, when he stands with France in the semi-finals? VfB Boss Michael Reschke reiterated to the Bild newspaper: “We will do everything to convince Benji completely that he plays one more year with all my heart at VfB.”

memory: 2019, the 22-Year-old, the Swabians to leave for 35 million euros this summer, the VfB has the power of decision. In the case of an offer of 50 million euros and a change-request, Pavard, the paths should be separated but in the coming weeks. Reschke knows “That he is in 2019, is no longer a question. Benji can just move to one of the Top 8 clubs in Europe.“

To one of these Top 8 clubs, without a doubt, the record Champions should have taken for this event already reached an agreement with VfB Stuttgart, FC Bayern. Questionable would, therefore, whether the FCB in the case of an immediate change-request Pavards in a much more expensive betting offer would go to the world Cup. It is a fact that The number of interested and financially strong clubs in Europe is likely to be increased in accordance with the shown benefits of the defender.

News from the 5. July 2018

Bayern Munich has been a change in the Frenchnational player Benjamin Pavard for the summer of 2019 scores reportedly already reached an agreement with VfB Stuttgart. This want to know the kicker of an Insider. Accordingly, the Bayern the club after the last League to have fixed last season, had won the Stuttgart, Munich 4:1, “everything”.

Pavard (22) has in his to 2024 valid contract at VfB have an opt-out clause for the coming year with a fixed transfer fee of 35 million euros. The defensive player who is currently at the world Cup in Russia with a strong performance, was changed to 2016 for four million euros from Lille OSC to the Swabians. Playing in the 2. League.

VfB sporting Director Michael Reschke, who was employed until August 2017 at Bayern as chief scout, wants to Pavard keep up to 2019. “We don’t need a lot of money if he plays for another year with us”. He wanted to convince “Benjamin and emotionally,” of this solution, he said last week. On Thursday no longer wanted to speak Reschke on the topic Pavard.

Pavard, in defence, versatile, had already stressed before the world Cup in Russia, that he would like to play in the Champions League.

News from the 4. July 2018

France world Cup-shooting star Benjamin Pavard should switch to a report of a sports image according to in the coming year for 35 million Euro from VfB Stuttgart to FC Bayern Munich. “We need to make the constellation that Benjamin has for 2019, with an exit clause, no secret,” said VfB Manager Michael Reschke of the magazine (Wednesday): “We don’t need a lot of money if he plays for another year with us.”

Reschke had recently pointed out already, the French national player is not already in this summer, after Pavard had made with his previous performance at the world Cup and the goal in the second round against Argentina even more attention. Not even for 50 million euros they would sell him this year. An opt-out clause for this summer. Pavard in his mid-2024 valid contract, but for the summer of 2019

Lothar Matthäus would fit Pavard perfectly into the prey scheme of the Bavarians. He writes in his column in the sports image. Pavard have Bundesliga experience, a change was therefore not as difficult as it is for other players. To this end, he praises the versatility of the defender. Because even if he impresses in France, on the outside, so Matthew sees him in the Position of a Central defender even more. Together with Niklas Süle, he could shape the future defensive series of the FC Bayern.

on Tuesday, the French sports had reported on the newspaper “L’équipe” that the Bundesliga, FC Bayern, but also Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig interest in Pavard. The outside defender can move in on Friday with the Équipe tricolore in the semi-finals of the world Cup, opponents in Nizhny Novgorod is Uruguay.

Pavard could compete at FC Bayern Munich, the successor of Jerome Boateng – the world champion of 2014, according to a report from Italy as the preferred candidate of Max Allegri, the coach of Serie Champions Juventus Turin.

News from the 3. July 2018

The French sports newspaper “L’équipe” that should have made the Bundesliga the FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig interest in the French shooting star Benjamin Pavard from VfB Stuttgart. The newspaper reported on Tuesday. Club officials of FC Bayern are said to be due to possible conditions for a change in the environment of the 22-year-old defensive player, already pre-entered. Pavard has at VfB a contract until the middle of 2024.

Stuttgart’s sporting Director Michael Reschke was recently declared to the French for the time being, for not for sale. Pavard, however, has done especially for his performance and his spectacular goal in the world Cup second round last Saturday at the 4:3 over Argentina. The interest had increased, therefore, once more now.

How does the bidding of the German League rivals to Pavard, is open. What concerns Leipzig, he would fit the age perfectly. The again and again stressed the barriers in terms of salary and transfer expenditure is likely to exceed, but probably now.

News from the 1. July 2018

Stuttgart’s sporting Director Michael Reschke has declared to the shiny appearance of the VfB-player Benjamin Pavard in the French national team in the world Cup second round against Argentina, the defensive player for not for sale. “We will not sell Benjamin Pavard this year, definitely for 50 million euros,” he told the “Stuttgarter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” (Monday edition). “We will do everything that he plays another year with us.”

The 22-year-old defender had previously been in the focus of the big Clubs. “This has now increased again,” said Reschke, who followed the development of his protégé, “totally relaxed”.

The contract of the Frenchman with the VfB Stuttgart is still dated to 2024, and no exit clause for this summer. After the world Cup, Reschke was put together “in peace” with Pavard and his Advisor, to talk about the further career planning. “We are ready to provide a solution for the 1. To find July 2019,“ said Reschke. “With a Club, the clean and correct with us

News from 9. June 2018

sporting Director Michael Reschke from the football Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart, has expressed a cautious about a premature departure of defender Benjamin Pavard. “Pavard is, of course, a player for the Champions League. But I would put a question mark behind it, whether this is already in the upcoming season,” said Reschke, in the framework of the Mercedes-Benz sports press Clubs.

“Actually, we had with his advisors a clear career plan, in which the VfB Stuttgart plays for the upcoming season an important role,” he said. Pavard, to the French squad for the world Cup in Russia (14. June to 15. July), had recently declared offensive to want in the future in the Premier class to play and to exchange speculations triggered.

The 22-Year-old was first extended last December, his contract with the Swabians until 2024. In the summer of 2016 Pavard was changed by the French club OSC Lille to Stuttgart.

News from the 3. June 2018

Contrary to the view of Benjamin Pavard even fuelled rumours of a possible departure in the upcoming transfer period, the VfB Stuttgart have more of a whereabouts of the defender is convinced. “We go out all the more – because it was not a request, not a Negotiation and not a new Situation there,” said VfB sporting Director Michael Reschke on Sunday in an Interview on the club’s website. Due to his strong performances for the club and, most recently, for the French national team, the 22-Year-old was the focus of numerous Top Clubs, including the FC Bayern. Of the interest of the Munich, several media reported. A commitment to the VfB had he avoided recently. “I can’t promise that,” said Pavard on Friday with a view to remain in the VfB.

“The statements are completely in order. In this spirit, we have continued with our conversations. He has played a Top season for VfB, and it is clear that he is the focus of the top international clubs,“ said Reschke now. The last word seems here is probably not yet spoken.

News from the 1. June 2018

defender Benjamin Pavard from Bundesliga side VfB Stuttgart toying with another club after the world Cup in 2018. “I want to play Champions League, clearly. The don’t hide so do I,” said the 22-year-old Frenchman in an Interview with Sky sports News HD.

four-time national player in the squad of the “Equipe tricolore” for the world Cup in Russia (14. June to 15. July), said that he did not want to promise “” to wear in the new season, the VfB Jersey. “If I promise that I’ll be in Stuttgart and not to do, don’t be like me, the Fans in this world,” added Pavard.

2018 world Cup: France in group C – all the info

The Central defender is playing for 2016 for Stuttgart and rose with the Swabians in 2017 in the Bundesliga. In the past season, he was in all the 34 League matches and scored a hit. According to media reports, to have in addition to the FC Bayern Munich Bundesliga rival Borussia Dortmund interest in an obligation of Pavard. In Stuttgart, the Frenchman still has a contract until 2024.

News from the 23. May 2018

He was one of the great discoveries of this year’s Bundesliga season: Benjamin Pavard, defensive specialist, VfB Stuttgart and only one of four field players, where the feat was achieved in all 34 Games over 90 minutes on the pitch. 3060 (plus stoppage time) of League-minutes Pavard has in the bones – a stronger proof of their own indispensability for the club can get a footballer. Services that were not even his national coach hidden: Didier Deschamps nominated the 22-Year-old for his final squad for the world Cup in Russia. In particular, his versatility makes him so valuable. The young Frenchman can play in the centre of defence or as a right defender.

FC Bayern Munich aims to be convinced of its qualities and take it to the next season of the Isar want to attract. This is the French Portal le10sport reported. That Pavard will probably not play up to his end of career in Stuttgart, white alsothe former Bayer and current sporting Director of VfB, Michael Reschke. “Benjamin Pavard is clearly on the way from the exceptional talent on the international top players. We are currently the ideal club for him – and he feels the same. If then in the future once a club in the European Top 10 real interest in commitment, we get together seriously. The knowledge of Benjamin and his advisers,” he said recently in a conversation with the image.

Reschke made it clear: For 30 million Euro he is not going to open the transfer fee “once the door for a conversation”. The FC Bayern wants to commit the Talent really and Pavard should play, possibly even a good world Cup, would have to grab the FC Bayern really deep in the bag.

News from the 27. November, 2017

In an Interview with the sports magazine kicker Benjamin Pavard talks about the interest of several European top clubs. The 21-Year-old VfB Stuttgart League in the summer of 2016 for five million euros in France, only Lille OSC loseiste, has played well according to Reports, in the spotlight of Bayern. “With these things I try not to concern me at all. This is not the time. I’m not a guy who stands out because of it. At the Moment, only the VfB for me“, expresses the Defensive strategist that comes with the Swabians both, as an outside defender as well as in the centre.

in addition, Pavard uses the conversation for a praise of coach Hannes Wolf, who owns a large share of the last steep climb of the French. “I am very grateful to him that he has always stood behind me. He has given me confidence and game practice. He has helped me a lot, mich to develop. Before Stuttgart, I was still a Boy, and here I am all grown up. I am become a man,“ said the defender. The contract of Benjamin Pavard at VfB Stuttgart ends in the summer of 2024, in the German upper house, the Abwehrass were already able to achieve a hit (3:0 against Freiburg on 10. Round).

News from the 15. November, 2017

Munich – With the obligations of the Stuttgart players of the FC Bayern has already landed some hit. Giovane Elber and Mario Gomez fired the Reds to many a title. Currently Sven Ulreich represents the four-time world goalkeeper Manuel Neuer during the break due to injury, the most persuasive. Maybe a new Name will join soon to this circle, the Dieter Hoeness or Thomas Strunz belong to.

As the French sports journalist Loic Tanzi during the TV broadcast of the match between Germany and France (2:2) on the transmitter, “SFR sports” revealed, showing the FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund interest in Benjamin Pavard. The Defensive all-rounder with a penchant for interior defense graduated in Cologne in his second game, came on his debut four days earlier, in a 2:0 over Wales as the Joker on the right side of the back four.

Stuttgart paid five million Euro transfer fee

The 21-Year-old has been playing in 2016 for the VfB, came in spite of the descent of the Swabians for five million euros from Lille OSC and signed until 2024. At the time, Jan shingle Meiser was still in charge when the five-time German Champions. Its successor is also Pavard Fan. “The Boy has absolute Top quality, and for the way he has the season been denied, you can make him just a compliment,” said VfB sporting Director Michael Reschke, the landed up a few months ago, yet Transfers for FC Bayern.

Stuttgart will be the new strong man knows that in the personnel hard work will come on him: “It will be a challenge to keep him in the long term, in Stuttgart. But we are looking for solutions.“ The talks about an early extension of the contract should be been placed according to information from France for the time being on ice.

+ A real up-and-comer: Benjamin Pavard has of the 2. League in the Equipe Tricolore played.© AFPRB-coach Hasenhüttl has denied rumors

: The Bayern and BVB seem to be the only interested parties in the summer, OGC should have a nice head of curls negotiated, also AS Rome and RB Leipzig have already been touted as possible buyers. This, in turn, tasted RB coach Ralph Hasenhüttl. “I have read. But as much as I have from the sports Director, and heard from me, this is not a subject,“ denied the Austrians the rumors.

The rapid development of Pavards should not be missed. The young Frenchman had to step in last season as a right defender, he is no longer indispensable in this season from Central defence. Up to his first games he had missed, no obligation minute of the game.

“Carry even more responsibility,”

the inefciency due ball losses belong to the past, the right-footer in the Stuttgarter Zeitung: “together Perhaps with my change of position. In the Central defence, I am, after all, still more responsibility than on the outside. Behind me, only the goalkeeper is.“

Before him, the world Cup could be in Russia. Reschke looks quite realistic chances: “For him speaks that he is on the Defensive very versatile.” This flexibility is also one of Pavards two great role models: Sergio Ramos. In addition, he will also look to Mats Hummels – perhaps soon, in the daily Training.

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