Update 08.01.2019: 20 candidates have taken the fight to the heart of Andrej Mangold in episode one. After the first week, three ladies had to cancel the sailing. In the second episode but it’s suddenly 18 women. This is because the dark-haired beauty Nathalia (25) in Halle (Westphalia) as a Nachrückerin to the Bachelor moved in the house.

Along with the 17 remaining candidates from week one she hopes to win the heart of the bachelor and to get to the very last Rose from him. As Nathalia when your competitor arrives on the inside and what impression it leaves behind in the Bachelor, see you on Wednesday evening.

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“The Bachelor” 2019: the battle for the roses in Mexico

Not for long then it goes again. The Bachelor flickers from Wednesday, 2. January 2019, on our screens. Then, a number of women fighting again to win the favor of the Newly-Bachelors Andrej Mangold. It is the ninth season of the RTL Show. As every year, the question of who will win in the end, the heart of the bachelor.

the point of the show works: Every candidate wants to get hold of a Rose of the attractive bachelor to stay a few nights longer in Mexico. Who gets at the end of a consignment, not a Rose from the Bachelor was eliminated from the Show. Also this year there will be many Dates with the Bachelor, and casseroles the ladies at spectacular Locations.

“The Bachelor” 2019: this man is the candidate fighting inside

Andrej Mangold is the first professional athlete to join the Bachelor. Until recently, he earned his money as a basketball player. For a season he stood even in the case of FC Bayern Munich under the contract. The big breakthrough at Bayern he didn’t make. After that, he played for clubs such as the Artland Dragons and Telekom Baskets Bonn in the German Bundesliga. Also, five games for the German national Basketball team, he graduated from.

+ the candidates for “The Bachelor” in 2019.© MG RTL D

After his career, he tried himself as a Startup-founder of a chewing gum company. With his colleagues, he offered shares in their company at the German TV Show “die höhle der Löwen” to the investors. But in vain. A Deal with Ralf Dümmel came first, but failed behind-the-Scenes.

TV-experience is not lacking the well-toned 1,90 Meter-man, anyway. In the new year, he is now to see as the Bachelor weekly on TV again. As he imagines his dream woman, he revealed in advance of the broadcast: “naturalness would be nice. I would also like a woman who takes care of themselves. But now I need no partner, which is in the morning, jump in front of me out of the bed and directly face on. It’s not mine.“

What women are now vying for the former sports professional, we have summarized with RTL info for you. However, directly adopt at the beginning some of them again from the Bachelor. A taste of the first to get to Know our Bachelor’s Ticker.

The Bachelor’s candidates in the year 2019 Overview of all Bachelor’s candidates, 2019

Cecilia: 22, a waitress from Hamm. “Crazy, honestly and with the heart in the right place,” describes the exotic beauty. But it’s already been four years Single, because men do not know you subdue supposedly. The sun in your temper and your impulsivity. Bachelor Andrei can the 22-Year-old to tame?

+ Cecilia (22) from Hamm.© MG RTL D

Cristina: 30, a pharmaceutical consultant from Hannover, Germany. She knows exactly what she wants and wants a man who can offer her the forehead. You never had to fight a man, but that will certainly change when the “Bachelor”. In addition, Christina is a classic distribution of roles, so she would like to cook and the man to mow the lawn. But who will always be the number one for you, your horse, “Quebracho”. This should also see Bachelor Andrei.

+ Christina (30) from Hannover.© MG RTL D

Claudia B.: 31, photographer and Nanny from Dresden. “A 08/15 everyday is not for me”: Claudia scans, what comes to her in front of the lens. The 31-Year-old is a self-employed photographer, preferably for weddings, couples and Baby shoots. Since you are not using a lot of the alone, but for a long time, works Claudia also as a Nanny and romps with their little charges. You know, “with the Little I can live out my childish side!”

+ Claudia B. (31) from Dresden, Germany.© MG RTL D

Claudia G.: 26, a flight attendant from Obergurig. “The Right is not me, walked across the path”: Born in Bautzen, lives Claudia today with her family in Obergurig. The graduate Diploma in business administration, currently works as a flight attendant, because “I was just not ready for the office life”. Secretly, the 26-dreams-Year-old but from a Bridal shop.

+ Claudia G. (26) from Oberguring. © RTL

Ernestine: 26, student (International Management) from Munich. “You should never have limits”: Self-confident and purposeful Ernestine goes through life. Currently, the 26-Year-old International Management in Munich, studied and tried out various internships in the professional world. An eight-hour day at the office, you can not imagine for their future – much prefer the fun-loving Munich would combine travel and Work, and the various places of this world is uncertain.

+ Ernestine (26) from Munich. © MG RTL D

Eva: 26, a flight attendant from Düsseldorf. “I’m not afraid of challenges”: As a flight attendant loves Evanthia, which of your friends Eva genannt is to explore the distant countries of the world and to go always in search of new adventures. After three years in Abu Dhabi, the 26-Year-old lives for 2017 and again in Düsseldorf. If you don’t master the study there for her degree (in business law) or in the gym or at the Tennis auspowert, enjoys Eva the evenings with your friends at Karaoke or on the dance floor.

+ eve (26) from Düsseldorf, Germany.© MG RTL D

Isabell: 28, real estate businesswoman and Model from Magdeburg. She has it pretty in itself, because in 2015, Isabell was photographed for the Playboy. In addition, the 1.63 m-tall brunette is rather sporty, since she is six, she runs kickboxing and Taekwondo. Your Repartee Isabell is not only the kick Boxing. In a catfight over a towel in the second “Bachelor”episode, Isabell also against candidate Eva neat. Can bypass the Bachelor’s degree with so much energy?

+ Isabell (28) from Magdeburg, Germany.© MG RTL D

Jade: 24, trained as a beautician and flight attendant from Cologne. It has the German-British citizenship and would like to see the world – but not in a boring. Jade is not at all shy, and says: “I am always happy to meet new people”. That’s why she’s on the road a lot. Festivals, concerts, and amusement parks are the passions of the 24-Year-olds. Action Is The Main Thing.

+ Jade (24) from Cologne, Germany.© MG RTL D

Jasmine: 25, a Secretary and a waitress from Düsseldorf. “I am one of the few people that still have values”: Jasmine comes from Düsseldorf, has Italian roots and works currently as a Secretary and waitress. The last summer, has spent the fun-loving Rhinelander kellnernd on Ibiza, because Jasmine loves the sweet life on the party island. In her spare time, she is also happy with her friends in the düsseldorf night life on the road.

+ Jasmin (25) from Dusseldorf, Germany.© MG RTL D

Jennifer: of 25, sports and health Manager from Bremen. As you can already guess at your profession, wish Jennifer a sporty man. It should, however, be just as “funny and relaxed guy’s guy, who is also a total romantic and affectionate”. The 25-Year-old describes himself as very ambitious, and everything she makes is also brought to an end. Bachelor Andrei would fit accordingly, but perfect on her!

+ Jennifer (25) from Bremen, Germany.© MG RTL D

Julia: 26, a receptionist from Munich. She’s a real adventuress. The last five years traveled the 25-Year-old to the world, now she is back in her home town of Munich. The blond girl with the Polish roots describes itself as a “spontaneous, crazy, funny, and forgetful”. She also enjoys spending time in the nature, on the Scooter or in the city Shopping. Whether of these Hobbies can convince Bachelor’s Andrei?

+ Juliet (26) from Munich.© MG RTL D

Karin: 21, Professional Make-up Artist & Hairstylist from Schweinfurt. “My siblings are my role models”: “Karin”, which has already completed training as a dental assistant, was able to make their Hobby into a profession and now works as a Professional Make-up Artist & Hairstylist. Although only 21 years young, white, Karin, exactly what you want, but also what is missing in her life: The right man at your side.

+ Karin (21) from Schweinfurt, Germany. © MG RTL D

Kimberley: 25, a communication designer from Hamburg, Germany. She has already made a lot of. A degree in communication design & Art Direction, training as a voice actress, two and a half years of experience as a projekkt Manager and a Job as a bartender she has to be reported. With so much program little time for love. Now she wants a man who is humorous and sarcasm is understood.

+ Kimberley (25) from Hamburg, Germany.© MG RTL D

Lara: 27, a waitress and Model from Berlin, Germany. “I’m not like the average”, it claims of itself. Lara’s passion are the Festivals of any kind. But also for fashion is its beating heart: The 27-Year-old decorated their Outfits and scores with lots of glitter. For the past three years, she is Single, this will change to the “Bachelor”?

+ Lara (27) from Berlin, Germany.© MG RTL D

Luisa: 22, a service assistant in a car dealership from Forchheim. The trained Bank clerk has enough of being Single and want your next relationship is her last. The 22-Year-old would like to get your next friend to get married and have children with him. But at the same time she likes to go in Clubs dancing, or with friends in a Bar. The Bachelor Andrei will be overwhelmed?

+ Luisa (22) from Forchheim.© MG RTL D

Mariya: 27, a cosmetologist from Stuttgart. The native Ukrainian is now already set really high standards for their Mr. Right. You want to be treated like a Princess. However, as you are aware that you can not only with their appearance points, so that the Bachelor falls in love with you. But their Appearance makes them quite a lot: As a state-recognized cosmetologist, she specializes in skin problems, like Beauty tips and a lot of Fitness.

+ Mariya (27) from Stuttgart.© MG RTL D

Nadine: 30, Montiererin from Dillingen a. d. Donau: “I like to flirt with my eyes,” Nadine is fun-loving, down-to-earth and with a good Dose of Humor. The you need, because the 30-Year-old is working in a male-heavy industry: As a Montiererin the trained hairdresser assemble washing machines and the from the first to the last screw.

+ Nadine (30) from Dillingen a. d. Donau. © MG RTL D

Nathalia: 25, production workers in a confectionery factory in Halle (Westphalia): “today It is very difficult to find Someone to, the something Serious would like tokilled!“ Nathalia is the Surprise – both for the Bachelor’s degree as well as for the other candidates. The dark-haired Brazilian has moved into the second week and now wants to conquer the heart of Andrej Mangold. In addition to her main job, the 25-Year-old, who came ten years ago from Brazil to Germany, as a Model in front of the camera. In their leisure time, Nathalia out of likes to your Temperament with your friends on the dance floor.

+ Nathlia (25) in Halle (Westphalia).© MG RTL D

Nathalie: 26, a promoter from Kiel: “I believe in fate – everything as it should” Nathalie is currently in the mobile industry, is a cheerful and humorous woman, who does sports on a regular basis and your dog, a Chihuahua-Spitz-mongrel, care. Particularly proud of the 26-Year-old is the fact that it has decreased within a year from its own force of 20 kg. She finds: “There is nothing more important than to feel yourself into a body!”

+ Nathalie (26) from Kiel. © MG RTL D

Stefanie: 32, an entrepreneur from Düsseldorf: “I’m both a guy’s guy as well as temptress” Stefanie, a real “Kölsches girl who wears the heart on the tongue”, has lived for half a year in Düsseldorf and as an entrepreneur, self-employed. In her spare time, the 32 trained-Year-old like in the gym, volunteers at an animal shelter and deals with topics related to personality development. You know, “you will find happiness only in yourself”.

+ Stefanie (32) from Düsseldorf, Germany.© MG RTL D

Vanessa: 26, accessory designer, based in Ditzingen: “Whether it’s Basketball, Bowling, or card games – the main thing is change!” In Vanessa’s a lot of creativity: The 26-Year-old not only works as an accessory designer, you also created your own clothes and let your ideas run free. Also like you stands in front of the camera, to put your fashion in scene. No wonder Vanessa loves anything that brings diversity into your everyday life: So she throws a couple of baskets on the basketball court, and other times it rages on the trampoline, or powered up while Jogging.

+ Vanessa (26) from Ditzingen. © MG RTL D


All episodes of “The Bachelor” are there, incidentally, in the case of TV-to see NOW.


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