Penalties for violation of the quarantine will take on Tuesday

Tired after a few sleepless nights were the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. He came to the White house by 11 am on the meeting of the Presidium of the coordination Council on combating the spread of coronavirus infection.

But the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers began a week earlier, meeting at the traditional meeting at 9 am. There Mikhail Mishustin confirmed that he supports the tough decisions on Sunday evening the mayor of Moscow. In the absence of Federal law they are called “extension alert”, but actually we are talking about introduction of emergency: the requirement for isolation applies to citizens of all ages, and break it only in an emergency and vital (for example, for a trip to the nearest store) cases.

This experience, said Mishustin, should adopt all the subjects of the Russian Federation. However, some regions go-ahead the Prime Minister was not needed: for example, in Chechnya a full quarantine was introduced even before that of Moscow, putting on the roads the police with polypropylene with batons to intimidate the offenders.

the Prime Minister said the crackdown was justified and necessary measure. (Later, at meeting of coordination Council Sergey Sobyanin informed that 20% of Muscovites “cool” took the calls to stay at home, and it made the Metropolitan municipality, without waiting for the adoption of a law to impose new restrictions). The task of the authorities is to be proactive to keep the spread of infection, and to offer citizens and businesses efficient and quick support.

Mishustin said that loans for the payment of salaries, which the Cabinet has promised to small businesses, will be issued this week. Their entrepreneurs will be able to borrow from systemically important banks and specialized SME Bank under the state guarantees in the amount of 100 billion rubles As explained in the Ministry of economy, loans will be given without interest, but, in the case of their misuse or the beginning of layoffs, the rate will increase.

small and medium business promised delay for all tax payments, excluding VAT, and the reduction in insurance premiums from 30% to 15% on the amount of salary exceeding the minimum wage. According to the head of the Ministry of economy Maxim Reshetnikov, deferred taxes will allow for six months to keep the business 140 billion rubles. after the end of the vacation payments will not be multiplied, as some feared, and will be evenly distributed by month.

small business owners Themselves, as you can understand after their meeting with Vladimir Putin, I think these measures are insufficient. If the revenue falls dramatically, the amount of social contributions, by and large, doesn’t matter, and VAT, the collection of which I expect the authorities will pay nothing. Turnover in the restaurant business fell from 30% to 90% – and most of the institutions, according to Reshetnikov, is on the last digit. Download hotels in Moscow last week dropped to 5-7%. But many have yet to pay off the loans.

“We have agreed to introduce a number of measures for small and medium-sized businesses. For companies operating in affected sectors of the economy, all payments on loans already taken will be postponed for six months,” said Mishustin, adding that the payment of one third of them will take over the state by providing grants and a third of the jar.

the list of affected industries once again increased. After the tightening of the regime became apparent that losses are inevitable in the whole transport sector, not just airlines. The objects of culture, leisure and sport added private educational institutions, for example, private kindergartens and language schools. Also among the victims already referred the whole sphere of household services – dry cleaning, hairdresser’s, repair shops and other enterprises. For them, the government is currently developing special measures of support.

While officials were discussing how to help small businesses and systemically important companies (In their account yet no decisions have been made, but the Ministry of industry and trade requested to prepare SPIski), the oil and financial markets continued to fall, calling into question the effectiveness of any efforts. But the price of oil and the dollar now as if not interested in power – most importantly, stress on all levels, to stop the spread of coronavirus infection. It was dedicated to the meeting of the coordinating Council, which this time, in addition to the traditional participants, invited transport.

it was Expected that they will announce the cessation of passenger traffic between regions, but before business is not reached. According to the head of the Ministry of transport, Eugenia Dietrich, the meeting discussed the program of export of compatriots from abroad. Despite the fact that social networks are full of reports of the Russians stranded in different countries of the world (supposedly only in India there are about 6 thousand), the official information is somewhat different: the stream wishing to return the reduced (over the weekend, the planes were empty 2700 seats), so on 31 March the number of flights will be reduced.

“It is also necessary that we could every one who gets thoroughly to work,” – said Dietrich, adding that a further program of export will be made on the recommendations of the Ministry of foreign Affairs. The priority right to return to their homeland will receive the tourists, who left Russia after February 1, 2024. And Russians with dual citizenship, a residence permit and different downshifters will include in the second turn.

a Thorough “working out” flown in from abroad is of particular importance due to the fact that in Russia are gradually changing the structure of cases. As reported at the meeting of the coordinating Council Anna Popova, 25% of infected patients are contact, that is, they would not have brought the virus, and caught it within the country. (On Friday there was 20%). But there is good news: mortality rates coronavirus is not yet affected. And for example, mortality from pneumonia, according to the Minister of health of Michael Murashko, for 13 weeks 2024 decreased by 9% compared to the same period ofm last year.

Sergei Sobyanin, in turn, promised every day “tougher and tougher” to control a situation with observance of the regime of total isolation in Moscow. “By the end of the week we will have an information system that will allow us to monitor the movement of citizens and violations that may occur,” said the mayor, adding that more actively work with offenders authorities after the adoption of the Federal law.

As expected, the Duma on March 31 in three readings to approve the government’s proposed penalties for failure to comply with quarantine – from 15 to 40 thousand rubles for citizens, from 50 to 100 thousand for officials and from 200 to 500 thousand for firms and companies. On the same day, according to our information, there will also be a meeting of the Federation Council.

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