learn From mistakes – that was the title of a hundred-page analysis, with the help of the SPD party leadership has worked up the outcome of the Federal election in 2017. An independent team of authors provided with this document to ensure that the SPD put their failures as thoroughly as no other competitor in the open. Such relentless self-criticism, and not hidden in confidential, to the bodies, but publicly readable for everyone, takes courage and deserves respect.

Fertile, is but only, if then, indeed, Lessons to be drawn from it. The reaction to the recent debacle in the Bavaria election raises doubts about that. Because the most important message after the historically worst result in the state was: The CSU is to blame.

The Christian social in the Federal government-supported dispute, have ensured that the good performance of the social democratic Ministers had found no perception. With all due respect, the SPD has managed all alone. It is Andrea Nahles, who have taken the protection of the Constitution, the heads of Maaßen personally. Instead of the Chancellor to apply, to solve this subordinated personnel within the Union, it has made the officials to a SPD Problem.

It was a social democratic Minister, submitted a billion-dollar bills to pension, work, and family, but the party left fired at every opportunity, the question is whether the new entry into the Grand coalition was not a mistake – by the way, despite the clearly unusual members of the decision and, in any case, as arranged, revision clause in the next year. And finally, It is the SPD, the Minister of Finance decides to provide Federal land for future affordable housing. The Bavarian SPD had made the shortage of housing to your topic. Both of those linked communicatively to each other? No. You need to create for the first time.

the topics, the program and the question Remain: What will be the SPD? An interest representative of demarcated milieu and society of small groups? Or the voice of the working center of the company? The second variant is the claim of a people’s party, which wants to be the SPD are, in the words of its Secretary General. So, how will the SPD reaches this center? Andrea Nahles has now presented the idea to develop a modern concept for the “social-state 2025”. This is not a bad approach – but only if he goes through the Trauma of the ongoing reappraisal of the Hartz-reforms. That would be namely environment policy.

The pragmatic Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey has formulated the claim of a new welfare state: The need to allow for advancement through education and social relegation fears in a changing world of work, to pick up on. But most of all he would have to understand internal security as the Foundation of social security.

In the words of the Dutch sociologist Paul Scheffer, spoke a few days ago, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung: social democratic parties can still redistribute so much money, so much for a society of solidarity and Integration to advertise – as long as the welfare state not by a control-and-order goal of immigration policy is to secure, you will not win the center of society. And in order permanently to people’s parties without the people.


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