Peskov told about the employment of all ex-members of the Cabinet

Photo credit: TASS/Valery sharifulin

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov declared that all former members of the government, which resigned in January 2024, is arranged. He told about it on air of TV channel “Russia-1”.

January 29, Vladimir Putin met with former members of the government. The head of state expressed hope that they will use their expertise to solve tasks in new workplaces and together will constitute a single extended team. He stressed that he counted on them.

the Russian leader noted that the Cabinet led by Dmitry Medvedev has done a lot for the strategic development of the country, although he worked in difficult conditions.

According to Putin, for the Cabinet was not easy to define the objectives of national development, to develop national projects to achieve them and work on the development of economy and social sphere of the country. He thanked government members for their work.

on 15 January, the government with its full complement resigned. The new Prime Minister became the head of the FTS Mikhail Mishustin. January 21, was announced the full composition of the new Cabinet. However, many of the old members of the government have received new appointments.

Medvedev, the head of state was asked to become Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council. To this end, he submitted to the state Duma a draft law in the security Council of the Russian Federation introduced the new post.

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