The Ministry of health will check into a hospital in Chita after the complaint of the citizen of PRC with the coronavirus

One of the two is infected with a coronavirus in Russia recorded the video from the hospital

the Ministry of health of Russia has charged to check the condition of the hospital of the city of Chita in Zabaykalsky Krai due to the complaint of the citizen of PRC with coronavirus infection. This was written by Deputy health Minister Oleg Salagai in his telegram channel.

“In connection with the receipt of the complaint by the Ministry of health instructed the state authorities in the sphere of health protection in Zabaykalsky Krai to check the conditions of medical care in the regional infectious diseases hospital (Chita)”, – reported he.

it was Previously reported that the PRC lies in the regional infectious clinical hospital in Chita with a diagnosis of “coronavirus”. But, according to him, the doctors did not give him information about the test results.

As the channel Moscow 24, the man of his diagnosis he learned of the news. In addition, the patient complained about the conditions of detention and expressed doubt that physicians will be able to help him. He added that he wants to apologize in front of everyone. A Chinese citizen thinks, he didn’t have to go home.

Under the quarantine came as the wife of a man and two year old daughter is a Russian citizen, she has a high fever. He said that he is worried about his family.

In Russia we know about the two is infected with a coronavirus. To prevent further spread of the disease in the country was suspended flights of the airlines in China, except for flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong and back. Flights of Russian airlines in other cities in China translated regular basis for Charter. Suspended a visa-free tours.

Evacuation of Russians from China the aircraft of VC is planned for February 3-4. The aircraft of VC will draw on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

the proliferation of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV became known in the end of December. His victims were 304 people, infected more than 14 thousand. The who declared the outbreak an emergency situation of international importance.

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