A huge charts-Star pushes Peter Orloff currently the thumb: Like pop legend Michael Holm (“Mendocin”, “tears don’t lie”), and the Münchner Merkur betrayed, to his jungle camp in 2019, only because of his singing colleagues: “that’s Why I’m looking again to the jungle, to see what makes Peter and Tommi Piper, I once produced. And I think my wonderful colleague, Peter suggests quite bravely. And, I have no Problem with that. If you’re fit and within a period of two weeks as much money as other people throughout the year – not to earn but why?“

+ Schlager legend Michael Holm looks only for Peter Orloff the jungle camp in 2019.© Patrick Seeger/dpa

As asks Michael Holm, in an Interview reveals RTL already with him in the jungle camp: “But, of course, and not just once. Since enormous sums of money are in the conversation. But there’s nothing. My wife Bimbi would be immediately divorced me, and my children would be orphans.“

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Peter Orloff: shock confession to his wife in the RTL Interview

For a quarter of a century of pop star Peter Orloff (74) is married to his wife Linda (56). You followed in the Hotel is Versace, spellbound, as her husband is reflected in the jungle camp in 2019. In an Interview with RTL Linda Orloff reveals some private Gehemnisse. By the way, this also makes a bit of a shock confession:

“In a recording for the ZDF-Hitparade, he has to have it done before, 17 double Pflümli drunk. Since then, the Director of the consignment, Truck, Branss, a real Fan of him.”

now, Before someone says that Peter Orloff once had a massive alcohol Problem: There is a nonsense of course! A few days ago was read in the Münchner Merkur, a more detailed Version of the story with the 17 double brandies. Accordingly, Peter Orloff of the charts, wrote the Director Truck Branss-the Münchner Merkur “A Branss is not a language” – to Drink urged.

according to the newspaper, Peter Orloffs describes alcohol-record: “Oh, Yes, the poor Peter. He drank, Yes, even then, no alcohol but just a Truck Branss is a real Russians. The Director said one Evening at the legendary charts – potions, the Kiosk of the Hotels ‘Swiss farm‘ to him: ‘you are Russian. Every Russian can drink. If you don’t drink, you are nobody.‘ Ten double vodka had to tilt Orloff.“

jungle camp, 2019: Peter Orloff was a Russian

so it just Remains the question of whether Peter Orloff now has 17 Double-tilt or “only” 10. No matter: anyone Who can stand after that, may certainly claim to be able to drink like a Russian! But why did the charts-the Director Truck Branss the later jungle camper, Peter Orloff, actually, as the Russians? The pop star revealed in an Interview with the Portal moz.de: “my father language is Russian. My father is Russian, my mother is German. At home I grew up Russian-speaking. Russian to me is so very familiar.“

In an Interview with RTL Linda Orloff also reveals other things about the private life of her husband: “Be schrägstes pet was an ocelot named ‘Cubra’, as the daughter of king Attila. I got it delivered later in good hands.” And: “He has a huge Disney collection consisting of posters, photos and figures.”

you Can get Peter Orloff in the jungle camp, 2019 victory?

according to the odds, Peter Orloff is considered to be one of the favorites to win in the jungle camp in 2019. Currently, Evelyn Burdecki is the bookmakers still in the lead. But there are still a few days until the Finale. If the 74-Year-old be more confident in the jungle tests fails, he could pull Burdecki over.

Linda Orloff believes that her husband may be the king of the jungle, 2019. In an Interview with RTL.de she says: “When I knew he was doing that, I knew right away he was doing fine.” She was initially not thrilled that your husband pulls into the jungle camp. The reason: “at first I was against it, because it fits to him. He sings in the Church and the jungle camp is pretty weird.”



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