Nurse Laura Beth Ives had gained after her pregnancy. The 32-Year-old from near Manchester, UK, then made all sorts of diets – which, however, had no long-term Benefits – fast and Kilos back. Until you tried a new diet that is actually no.

App is designed to reprogram the brain away from unhealthy food

In the hospital where she works, has been tested, a new program for weight loss – with the so-called Slimpod App. This is not a normal weight-loss App that pretends to be a nutrition and workout plan. Instead, Slimpod is to change the attitude to food.

the participants in The study – including Laura-Beth Ives – had to listen to the Video coaching and Audio-files of the App in nine minutes over three months. The goal of founder Sandra Roycroft-Davis, according to The brain, so schools that instinctively, healthier choices, more moves, and in a result, more power is developed with weight loss. The brain needs to be reprogrammed: The fun-unhealthy food should be replaced with the fun that brings well-being through sports and a healthy diet.

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asked Almost 90 percent of the study participants were enthusiastic

study participant Ives was delighted with the success: “Since I started the Slimpod programme, everything changed, like a switch that flipped in my head,” she told the British News Portal The Mirror: “I no longer reach for sugar-containing food, my shopping cart is full with healthy food and I’m Healthy to work with.”

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with over 100 other participants in the study-all of whom are employees of the National Health Service in the UK – Not only benefitted the 32 – Year-old was surprised by the positive effect of the App: from the new approach. 87 percent of the participants lost during the three-month project to weight and 90 per cent indicated that they observed changes in behaviour.

Unconsciously, lose weight with mental Training: new diet Trend?

The Slimpod approach finds many interested parties, among other things, Dr. Xand Van Tulleken, a prominent British doctor and television presenter. In a TV show, he devoted himself to the question of whether unconscious Belief could be the future of the diet. Laura Beth Ives is in any case certain: “I know that I’m not going to grow more and more, because of my new eating and exercise habits are – they are becoming Routine.”

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