Peter Sokolov: as the goalkeeper of Russian national team worked for the intelligence service of Hitler

History 05/03/20 Peter Sokolov: as the goalkeeper of Russian national team worked for the intelligence service of Hitler

the Extreme defender of the national team of Russia on football P. Sokolov, a large part of his life for espionage work against the Soviet state, having to work on three military intelligence. The USSR secret services knew where he was, but to get the Nazi accomplice and could not (or would not).

Peter-rock played with Bianchi

According to data collected by the St. Petersburg historian Sergey Glezerov, author of the book “Specific. Sketches of history”, Peter Sokolov was a native of St. Petersburg. Football, he became interested in while studying at the University. In the early twentieth century, this sport in Russia only began to seriously develop. Sokolov played in 1909-1917 years in the St. Petersburg team, “Specific” and “Unitas”. Some experts in the field of the history of football consider him to be the champion of the country as part of the St. Petersburg team, unmatched right defender in Russia at that time. Writes Glezerov, in one of the compositions “of Units” together with Sokolov drove the ball forward and the future well-known Soviet children’s writer Vitaly Bianki. Sokolov was the nickname Peter-spit: before to break free, he would spit at his feet.

the national Team of Russia on football, which included Peter Sokolov, first time in the history of the sport participated in the Olympics of 1912 in Stockholm the Swedish and lost all three matches – Finland, Germany and Norway.

British intelligence

the Historian of the Russian special services Oleg Konstantinovich Matveev says that falcons in addition to football seriously was engaged in wrestling and Boxing. Before the October revolution he managed to graduate from the school of ensigns. According to Matveeva, to spy against the Soviets, the former athlete began in 1918 in the Central underground of the whites. A Lieutenant Sokolov liaised British military intelligence MI1. He was transported to Finland. Agent, the English gave online alias “Fails” repeatedly as a courier and guide to KGB documents passed from Terioki to Petrograd and back.

In the 1920-ies falcons Goalkeeper in Finland continued to cooperate with British intelligence. In Terijoki, he organized a soccer team from among Russian emigrants. Among his players he then picked up candidates for espionage in favor of MI1. The most able were abandoned in the Soviet rear. In parallel, the player is a spy participated in the activities of the various emigre organizations, such as Russian Military Union (EMRO).

According to O. K. Matveev, OGPU knew about the spy P. Sokolov and about what he does and who works. The historian in his study cites the text of the reports to the chief of the Counterintelligence Department of the OGPU Arthur Artuzov, dated December 1924, which exhaustively set out the information on the espionage activities of the Goalkeeper, and the place of his present residence.

multiple types of hosts.

In the Soviet-Finnish war P. Sokolov has already recruited by Finnish intelligence. Professional spy he became a propagandist, helping the staff Suomi to degrade the morale of the soldiers of the red army, including worked radiodoctor.

With the beginning of the great Patriotic promising spy Sokolov was interested in the Abwehr. With German military intelligence, according to Matveev, a former football player began to operate, not stopping the propaganda activities of the Finns. Soon, the Nazis took him to the development. Sokolov, using several aliases traveled created by the Abwehr in occupied territory of the USSR to the special forces, where he instructed future Nazi spies and worked with field exercises. In addition, a traitor actively in contact with Vlasov’s ROA, it recruiting future spies. According to the testimony of saboteurs was exposed SMERSH, the falcons were very popular among the emigrants, able to convince. It was described as very strong and light weightmA cunning man – the Goalkeeper felt the danger a mile away.

Sensing something was wrong, quickly disappeared

In late 1944, realizing that war with the Soviet Union lost and must save his own skin, P. Sokolov, leaving Finland wife with two children (with whom he never met) moved to Sweden. By that time in the USSR, he was already in all-Union search. 10 years after the end of the war the Soviet security services were found Sokolov (for new documents Peter Salina) in Stockholm – in the very city where more than 40 years ago, he played in the Olympic games. A dangerous offender got a new family, made two children.
Passed 80-year-old Salina falcons his death in 1971 and was buried in the suburbs of Stockholm under her current alias. The grave Keeper decades later found a sports journalist, editor-in-chief of the St. Petersburg newspaper “Football archives” and the author of “the Annals of Russian football” U. P. Lukasiak.

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