Ivan dovrebanen: as the hero of the battle at Dubosekovo became a traitor-a policeman

History 05/03/20 Ivan dovrebanen: as the hero of the battle at Dubosekovo became a traitor-a policeman

Ivan dovrebanen was one of the 28 Panfilov, who near Volokolamsk destroyed 18 enemy tanks. Lost almost everything. Among the survivors were and dovrebanen. He had to come back from the war as a hero. But after 2 years after winning he was arrested, was sentenced to 15 years and deprived of awards.

dovrebanen – not dovrebanen

In fact, the name of the Panfilov heroes are not dovrebanen, and Dobrobaba. It was replaced by HR staff tractor plant, they say, because it sounds better. Ivan was a native of the village of Perekop (now Kharkiv region). His father was from peasants and was the head of the Baptist community. After the establishment of Soviet power Dobrobaba senior dispossessed and imprisoned for 2 years. In prison, he “embarked on the path of correction” and, returning home, he immediately came to the farm.

His son John had finished only primary school. Times were hard, so in order to not be a burden to his family, he went to Kharkov. Settled on building a tractor factory and also studied at the locksmith.

In 1937 Dobrobabina was drafted into the army. During the service, in the words of one of the Panfilov heroes, he participated in the battles of Khalkhin Gol, where he received a contusion.

After demobilization he went to Kyrgyzstan for another all-Union construction Chu canal. There he found the news that the Great Patriotic war.

a hero or a traitor?

In July 1941, dovrebanen again went to the front. And on 16 November of the same year he was in the Moscow region at the junction Dubosekovo, where he became one of the 28 Panfilov heroes, who gave their lives destroyed 18 German tanks. First of all they are presumed dead, but because of the awards they were given marked “posthumously”. However, the authorities hurried. Some of the participants of the battle were still alive. One of them was Ivan dovrebanen.

As it turned out, dovrebanen lost consciousness and came to himself after the Germans invaded the Soviet heroes to defend the territory. He was trying to get to her, but he failed to do so. In the end, Ivan left to join the partisans. Soon he was caught by Germans and sent to Mozhaisk pow camp, where dovrebanen escaped safely and in the spring of 1942 has appeared in his native village.

service in the German police

From the materials of the criminal case, where there are indications of numerous witnesses, Ivan dovrebanen served in Perekop the German police. As he assured himself panfilovets other choice he had. He decided to stay in his native village, even as a policeman, than to work in Germany. Besides, he was going to secretly help the villagers, and in the future planned to contact the partisans. Dovrebanen claimed that during his police service in Perekop, there was not one shot that he warned residents about the raids and shipments to Germany.

In 1943, when the Red Army finally liberated the Kharkiv region from invaders, dovrebanen decided that we had to go to a place where nobody knows him. Otherwise, a biography of the policeman he did not expect anything good. So he was in the village of Odessa region. It is noteworthy that in 1944 he was again called to the front. Of course, what he was doing in the village of Perekop, he never told anyone.

In the same year dovrebanen learned that he, among others, Panfilov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously, he sent a request in which he asked to give him the award.

Term and rehabilitation

Ivan dovrebanen went through the war and participating in battles and courage and received several awards and medals. He returned to Kyrgyzstan, which called for only in the autumn of 1945. However, after 2 years he was behind bars for treason.

Dobrobabina was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and deprived of rewards “For defense of Moscow”, “For victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 thDov”, “For capture of Vienna”, “For capture of Budapest”. But the title of Hero from him do not dare, recognizing that at the front, he fought bravely.

Ivan evstafievich was imprisoned for 7 years, and then left again in the Kirghiz SSR. In the 1980s, he began to fight for his rehabilitation. In 1989, after lengthy proceedings the military Prosecutor’s office refused him this right. However, the Ukrainian Supreme court in 1993 issued a different verdict and the corpus delicti in the actions of the convict was found. On the basis of this decision in 1996 dovrebanen re-applied to the Prosecutor’s office of Russia with a request for rehabilitation, but he again said No. In the same year he died.

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