If a Sow is bringing piglets to the world, is developing very rapidly, a so-called suction procedure: The front teats of the mother pig occupy the most vigorous and fittest of piglets, the weakest land in the back. Alistair is the smallest and weakest piglets in a litter and their mother had not enough milk, therefore, it was separated from the litter and bottle-raised. Alistair lives in a barn on the Houghall Farm, Durham in the UK. Next door, the lambs of the life, also orphaned, and moved to where the pig girl at night. Piglets like to cuddle, and this preference was living up to Alistair to your neighbors. The Routine had an impact on the behavior of the small pig, it behaves now like a sheep.

WOW, we cannot believe how much the story of Alistair, the SheepPig has travelled! To celebrate, we just had to get a…

Posted by East Durham College on Monday, 24. June 2019

A “Trans-genus sheep”

it came As Alistair in the world, held a Student, working on the Farm, for male and gave her a male first name. This makes the exception of saddle of pork to a real rarity: a Sow with a male first name, and considers himself a sheep, a “Trans-genus of sheep,” she calls Keith Cook, who runs the Farm, that’s why. “You want to be a sheep and will lead your life as a sheep,” he explains. Meanwhile, Alistair is alive in the herd. “The lambs are your brothers and sisters,” quoted the “Daily Mail” Cook. You run around with them and plays with them. It stands on the hay rack and out, just like the others, hay. It still needs some other feed than the lambs, but nevertheless, the hay and the feed of the lambs.” Analogous to the movie “Babe,” based on the children’s book “The Sheep Pig”, is Alistair in your area as a “sheep pig of Houghall” known.

When the time comes and the sheep on the field is Alistair will accompany you. “She knows it no other way,” says Cook. “If once formed a herd, then it remains so.”

sources: Facebook, Daily Mail

lucky pig Transporter flees from the animal and the place had a new home

pig: A Piglet escape from an animal Transporter at full speed managed. It survived the fall with only minor injuries and has already found a new home.

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