If you don’t like to come up with his thoughts on a green branch, then there is the Online Community Reddit. Under the Thread “Am I The Asshole”, so literally translated, “I Am the ass hole”, want to find a man, whether he is with his arguments right or totally wrong and an asshole. Who searches on “Reddit” for an answer, quickly get feedback. So also in this case.

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a few days Ago, has expressed a man who is stuck in a Dilemma. The short version goes something like this: His sister is getting married and wants the whole family is involved. Actually a nice event. But not for the brother: The complained, that his sister marries a wife and he does not want to explain to his three daughters, what is homosexuality. The were brought up Christian. Question to the Community: If he was an asshole, if he would tell his sister that he would like to have no small children at the wedding, because it was too much Stress, although it would be a lie?

AITA for not wanting my young daughters in my sister’s gay wedding? from r/AmItheAsshole

Reddit Community is unanimous

The Community is pretty quick to agree, and explained to the man with the user name “bigbrothertrhowaway6” about the importance in the Bible about acceptance and tolerance. Almost 2000 Times his question was commented on. The prevailing opinion: Yes, he was an asshole.

The comments are clearly From “Your sister deserves a better brother”, “stop it, you pretend that there are no homosexual people, just because you feel uncomfortable” to “You’re an ass if you lie to your sister. Lying is a sin. I would recommend you not to bring to the wedding so you must be lying” to “Show your daughters, to love someone, never something Bad is”.

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” hit The Interesting: The brother didn’t. nothing against the future wife of his sister His children both love women. He had never, not to attend the wedding, though his mother was completely against it. He just want to create any confusion in the case of his daughters. Also, for this idea is the “Reddit”Community, has a clear attitude: “she is your sister and she is the same sister that she always was. (…) Children do not have anything against gay people, which is taught them.”



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