"Only a few meters distance, have prevented that without a doubt, the worst accident in aviation history occurred," said Bruce Landsberg, Vice-President of the U.S. national transportation safety Board (NTSB), in the final report.

the Wrong train, flew

Accordingly, the Airbus received Airbus A320 of the company Air Canada with 140 people on Board on 7. July 2017 to land shortly before midnight, the approval, on the runway 28-Right. The pilots headed for your machine, however, the parallel runway C. On this four line waited for the planes to start.

"The plane went to an altitude of 30 meters and has the first aircraft on the runway overflown", said the road safety authority. Then the crew of the Airbus had launched.

20 meters on a stationary plane

With a height of not more than 20 meters, the machine had flown over the second on the runway waiting for the plane, and then only to the amount won. flown

Of the 135 passengers and five crew members on Board-one had been hurt. Also, the plane had not been damaged.

pilots read the instructions enough

had not been thoroughly The suspected cause for this was pilot error, the confusion of the taxiway with the runway, stated the investigators. The Crew did not know that the usual runway was closed from 23.00 o’clock, because you would not have seen the messages for the flight crew before the flight and just before landing thoroughly enough.

the captain of The machine, the flights not had the airport, often at night, had given, to have the taxiway and the runway, confused.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Lufthansa flight from Munich til in Geneva to make an emergency landing


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