Police checked the train Chisinau – Moscow on the subject of explosive devices

Photo credit: TASS/Alexander Shcherbak

the police checked the train, which arrived in the capital of Chisinau.

“the Police checked the train, no explosive devices and explosives were found”, – informs TASS referring to the press service of transport Management of the MIA of Russia in the Central Federal district.

Earlier it was reported that there is a threat of explosion of the composition, which arrived on the 15th path of the Kiev station.

it Turned out that the alarm was raised by one of the passengers, who suspected that the bag of the satellite is explosive.

Arrived at the Kiev train station check after reports of a bomb threat.

a Wave of “mining” started in the capital in November last year. Anonymous sent letters with threats of explosions on email, courts, universities, shopping centers and schools. None of the alarms were not confirmed.

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