Police in England found the Ring of Power

Photos: facebook.com/North Yorkshire Police

the one Ring was found by the police in North Yorkshire in the UK, reported on the website of the police in Facebook.

the Ring was found with items stolen from a house in York in February 2019. The police requested help in finding the owner of the findings.

the one Ring featured in the book “Lord of the rings” by English writer John Tolkien. Yorkshire, where he found the decoration, almost sounds like the name of the country of hobbits the Shire from the book. Also Yorkshire is home to Sean bean, who plays Boromir in the first film of the trilogy “the fellowship of the ring”.

netizens have proposed a method to find the owner of the jewelry you just put on the ring and then he finds you.

Earlier, the new province of Norway proposed to call Mordor. In the book of John Tolkien’s so called area of darkness, where the heroes of the novel to destroy the one Ring. It was voted 65 per cent voting.

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