From a restaurant in the centre of Moscow, stole kegs of beer

Photo: AP Photo/Jessica Hill

Unknown stole five beer kegs from a restaurant in the centre of the capital. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to GU MVD of Russia for the city.

Specifies that the incident occurred at the restaurant on Smolenskaya square. The Director of the establishment told police that on January 21, unidentified persons kidnapped from office of five kegs of beer. The total damage amounted to more than 42 thousand rubles.

currently, the police finds out all circumstances of an event.

Earlier in Moscow unknown persons in masks attacked the driver of the truck and stole more than 20 tons of butter for 7 million rubles. The robbers threatened the driver with the gun and took it away from the truck. When the man returned to the scene, he did not find his goods.

In January, out of the house on Sretensky Boulevard, stole the access door, which is the object of cultural heritage. The damage may reach 300 thousand rubles.

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