Berlin – Almost every fifth man in Germany parked his car on the side of a woman Parking (19 percent). This is the result of a representative YouGov survey in the year 2018.

Rarely or regularly? So often men women Parking

Every tenth power of the accordingly, although only rarely (10 percent), but one in twenty, after all, common (5 percent). Well, 42 percent of all respondents do not find something and want to know of such misconduct is punished. However, every fifth man is of the view that women’s Parking spaces discriminate against other motorists (21 per cent). This view only six percent of the women share.

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The the ladies to the Parking lots for Women

Approximately every fifth woman uses a woman Parking always, if it is available (19 percent). More than half of women feel “more safe” if you are the illuminated, among other things, better video surveillance and closer to the output of nearby Parking spaces in the house (66 percent).

However, more than half of the women, that there is not special Parking for you in a sufficient number (53 percent). This, in General, necessary to hold four out of five women (80 percent) and more than every second man (61 percent) woman Parking in Parking houses and underground garage.

YouGov respondents 1.698 persons 18 years of age with a driver’s license between the 2. and 5. March 2018 in order for the car Park operator Conti Park.

read here how close to motorists at intersections are allowed to Park.



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