On weekends, the jungle camp is over. Then, who is the king of the jungle or the jungle Queen in 2019. Some football Fans would like to send a striker by a Wildcard in the jungle – the reasons.

just before the Start of the second round in the 3. League was the end of the Transfer debacle by Adriano Grimaldi. If he has recovered from his injury, will go to the attacker for the KFC Uerdingen hunting for goals, and not as yet in the preliminary round for TSV 1860 München. Because Grimaldi was dissatisfied, he should have his change is forcing; cue “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here.” The blame him, the Fans of the lions.

fansite recommends: the jungle instead of Uerdingen + A fansite has shopped Adriano Grimaldi in the jungle photo.© Screenshot

A fan page on Instagram has recommended Grimaldi therefore, for the next change of a place South of Krefeld – the jungle camp. The reason for this is simple: Grimaldi, to earn in Uerdingen more than in Munich, could rake in significantly more money than the 3. League. Especially on the short time in the Busch expected would be worthwhile to exchange football boots against the straw hat.

The signature of the posting closes with the words, “bye, thanks for nothing” and a waving Hand. However, the operator of the fan page are not the Only ones who are not on good terms with Grimaldi. Many Fans make their displeasure about the circumstances of the Grimaldi to create Transfers in the comments.

Comes a Grimaldi-replacement? The sports Director

nasty comments from the Fans and a Like from Ex – colleagues

“mercenaries, Pharisees, Guat path of the type” – Grimaldi. the comments of the lion-Annex is probably better not to read Particularly creative some of the Fans who have the last name of the striker with vilified. From Grimaldi GIERmaldi – a nod to the higher earnings of the 27-Year-olds in Uerdingen.

Particularly savory, and also a Follower of the page, I like the picture – it is a former teammate of Grimaldi. Aaron Berzel, since his celebration of the marathon after the climb is extremely popular with lions fans, click the heart Button under the post. Also this has not been the followers verb ROE. “This Moment, if even Berzel celebrates it,” writes one, and placed two grinning smiley behind the comment.

Whether Grimaldi he is actually serious jungle ambitions, is not known. Is possible, however, that he could be going to the exchange theatre is currently a bit too prominently for a place in the RTL-Cast.



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