Posner had accused the lovers of Courchevel and private jets of negligence

TV Presenter Vladimir Pozner has criticized the Russians, who at the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus did not comply with quarantine measures. In an interview with channel “ТВР24” he said that the original source of the sharp rise in the number of people infected were those who spent a vacation in Europe, including Courchevel.

“they, and many on private jets, came back sick,” said the reporter.

According to him, now the authorities will have to take tough measures, as less wealthy compatriots in the homeland, are behaving irresponsibly. Posner recalled that until recently, the citizens went to a barbecue in the parks, walking with the children on the sites. In the current situation, “Russian maybe” can play a very bad role, he said.

“How negligently, carelessly many of our people relate to what is happening,” added the reporter.

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