PPSH-41: how to shoot the best Soviet slot-machine of the great Patriotic

Weapons 17/03/20 PPSH-41: how to shoot the best Soviet slot-machine of the great Patriotic

PPSH-41 during the great Patriotic war was the most widespread and well-known submachine gun in the Soviet Union. The Creator of this legendary weapon, which the soldiers affectionately called dad was a gunsmith Georgy Shpagin.

weapon shop

In 1916, during the First world war Shpagin he served in the weapons shop, where he qualified as a fitter-armourer. Under the leadership of the Tula masters of Dedilovo Shpagin was awarded the original experience. Later he recalled: “I was in the situation, which could only dream of. Clock in the workshop were introduced to various samples of weapons, both domestic and foreign. I was given a most interesting section of artillery equipment that I felt about the same as dying of thirst before spring spring water”.


a Significant contribution was made by the George S. and the creation of a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun DShK. Created by Vasily Alekseyevich Degtyaryov machine gun had a rate of fire of about 300 rounds per minute for weapons that were supposed to be used as anti-aircraft guns, were very few. Spagnum was developed metal tape gun is designed for the ANC and receiver cartridges, which allowed to increase the rate of fire to 600 rounds per minute. During the war the ANC had a good performance as anti-aircraft guns and weapons to deal with lightly armored targets goals. Still in some countries a modernized version of the ANC is in service of the army and Navy.

When did PCA

Often in films, monumental sculpture and painting are shown from PCA of the Soviet soldiers from the first days of the war. However, in reality the legendary submachine gun appeared in the army a little later. Officially the gun of the system Shpagina model 1941 was adopted 21 Dec 1940. The production was originally intended to establish a factory of hardware products in Zagorsk, as neither Tula nor Izhevsk did not have the necessary powerful press equipment. Until the autumn of 1941 was released about 3 thousand PCA, which subsequently fell to the front. In the documents there is mention of the presence of PCA in October 1941 in the Battle of Moscow. At the same time manufacturing started to emerge in a number of Moscow enterprises whose products are in the late autumn of 1941 was to go to the army. However, the number of PCA at the end of 1941 was still very small.


in the Summer of 1942 passed the field testing of another submachine gun Shpagina (PCA-2). Like its predecessor, it was distinguished by simplicity and reliability. The weapon is supplied with a detachable wooden stock. Power came from a pie store 35 rounds. Here Shpagina managed to eliminate one of the drawbacks of the previous sample is large enough the weight of the weapon. However, to achieve high accuracy of fire failed. In the result it was observed that the PCA-2 significant advantages over the existing sub-machine guns has, therefore adopted officially this model was not adopted. Apparently, it was made an experimental batch of a few hundred units, which were further sent to the rear part. Was the PCA-2 at the front – this is a question that awaits its researchers and requires serious hard work, which can give the most unexpected result.

How released PCA

still the question remains about the number produced in the USSR submachine guns Shpagina system. Researchers very roughly gives a figure of about 5 million units is the mass of the gun and a sample automatic weapons of world war II. Assessments will always be disagreement because not all the released samples were taken by the military acceptance. The part was defective and was returned to the factory, and rejected the gun could double-pass the enterprise as released unit at different times. Still no complete list of companies that engaged in production of PCA. There are 19 manufacturers who produced any major party, but there were a number of enterprises, the production of which lasted very short time, and identifying them extremely difficult. The greatest number of PPSH was issued in Vyatskiye Polyany (about 2 million) and slightly less than in Moscow, and ZIS the plant of computing machines.

PCA in the world

in Addition to the red army PPSH was used extensively in several other countries, including enemies of the USSR. It is known that 11 thousand captured PPSH, the Germans peresvodili under your Parabellum 9 mm cartridge, noting: “In attacking the MP-40; defense – PCA”. In the post-war period were produced in North Korea. One of the first Korean PCA (a variant with disc shop) was presented to Stalin in 1949 for his 70th anniversary.


Activities Shpagin was awarded in 1945 the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. For the creation of a number of samples of small arms Shpagin was awarded a commander of the order of Suvorov 2 nd degree, three orders of Lenin order of the red Star. In addition to the PPSH Shpagin in the years 1943-1945 created two samples of the signal gun taken into service. Attended George S. and in the competition for the creation of automatic weapons under the intermediate cartridge. In the postwar period because of the development of gastric cancer Georgiy Semenovich was forced to move away from design activities. Died Creator of the legendary PCA 6 February 1952 at the age of 54 years. In Vyatskiye Polyany, where it was during the war years produced more than 2 million PPSH-41 was opened Museum of the gunsmith.

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