Prepared whether Andropov plot against Brezhnev

History 20/03/20 Prepared if Andropov plot against Brezhnev

In November 1982, died of Leonid Brezhnev, who was in the post of General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee since 1964. Chairman of the funeral Commission was appointed Yuri Andropov. After a few days he took the place of the General Secretary. Did Brezhnev see him as the successor? Or the elderly leader had other plans?

From Romanov to Shcherbytsky

Since 1977, Brezhnev’s health began to deteriorate rapidly. He suffered several strokes, was suffering from atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels.

of Course, Brezhnev understood that he is not eternal and it is necessary to choose a worthy successor. In 1976 he began to look at the head of the party organization of Leningrad Grigory Romanov. Said Novels – the most capable employee in the entire CC and after some preparation could take the seat of Secretary General.

Shortly thereafter, the rumor was started, claiming that the Novels took the “rent” on his daughter’s wedding in 1974, the sets of the Royal family from the vaults of the Hermitage and guests broke some dishes. Naturally, he fell into disgrace and his career was finished.

In may 1980, Leonid Brezhnev, began to favor other officials Secretary of the Central Committee Konstantin Chernenko. But in October 1982, in an interview with the head of party cadres Ivan Kapitonov called by a new name – Shcherbytsky. Vladimir Shcherbitsky was the head of the Communist party of Ukraine and was proven Brezhnev ally, had a huge experience of political and economic activities. Besides, he was only 64 years old – a good age for the Supreme leader.

— See that chair? according to Kapitonov, said the Secretary General. In a month it will sit Shcherbitsky. All personnel issues are resolved with this in mind.

But in the night from 9 on Nov 10 Brezhnev died. November 15 was a Central Committee Plenum, which was addressed to the opganization questions. As expected, it was at this meeting the Secretary General was going to introduce the members of the Politburo, their “candidate” Shcherbitsky. But not yet…

Andropov “conspiracy”

the Name of Yuri Andropov in conversations about a possible successor never come up. Although he was one of those who contributed to the strengthening of Brezhnev’s power in the 60s. Then Andropov served as head of the international Department of the Central Committee. Brezhnev thanked him for his loyalty, appointed in 1967 by Chairman of the KGB.

the seizure of power in the state of Yuri, as it turned out, dreamed of long before the death of Brezhnev. In the early 70’s he made against the Secretary General of real military conspiracy, rallied the support of prominent generals and marshals from the Ministry of defence. The plan Andropov, they had to report to Leonid Ilyich, and to offer him to voluntarily resign, while retaining the post of member of the Central Committee. However, the resignation was required convincing the “official” reason, and the conspirators were unable clearly to articulate it.

reach the goal

Andropov, apparently, been secretly preparing the ground for his “reign”. There have been some strange deaths of people, in varying degrees, hindered the plan. In April 1976, died suddenly 72-year-old Soviet defense Minister Marshal Andrei Grechko, who had strained relations with Andropov. In 1978, the same has happened with the Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee on selhozugodyam Fedor Kulakov. Both were at his dacha, just fell asleep and never woke up. Both of his perfect health… In October 1980, died in a car accident, the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Belarus Peter Masherov, who after two weeks had to appoint the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR instead of the disgraced Alexei Kosygin. In January 1982, killed the Deputy Chairman of the KGB General Semyon Tsvigun, whom Brezhnev was asked to look after Andropov. According to the official version – was shot in the yard of the service give a gun a private security guard. In the same January, a faithful ally of Brezhnev, Secretary of the Central Committee Mikhail Suslov was on routine examination in the Kremlin hospital. In the evening he was given some pills, and at night the stroke happened… may 24, 1982, Andropov took Suslov’s office. The afternoon of 9 November, he met with Brezhnev. The next morning, 10 November the General Secretary was found dead. Coincidence?

68-year-old Yuri Vladimirovich eventually managed to succeed and occupy the coveted post. However, by that time his health was undermined to such an extent that he was able to stay in the chair the Secretary General just over a year, becoming, according to some historians and political analysts, “the forerunner of perestroika.”

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