Prigogine appreciated European tour of a hologram of Whitney Houston


Music producer Iosif Prigozhin has commented on Moscow 24 European tour of a hologram of Whitney Houston. He admitted that he doesn’t really like touring projection artists.

“I Can say to myself that I don’t want to buy a ticket for the hologram. I just want to see people in life as they were. That is, of course, to make a hologram of Michael Jackson and even some of the US President to raise, but we’re going for real emotions… From the point of view of artificial emotions, this is probably cool. From the point of view of living emotions, I won’t go,” he said.

however, Prigogine has not ruled out the demand for performances of the star holograms from both Russia and abroad. According to him, not only in our country but in any other “can settle down everything.” However, he reminded the riders not projections, and indeed any requests that have to spend large sums of money. All wishing to attend the concert still pay the money.

Sometimes, frankly, amazed. Probably wrong time and wrong place I was born, because there is such a thing as conscience. And people have other concepts of business and money.
Joseph Primogeniture

Earlier it was reported that on 25 February in the UK kicks off tour of Europe hologram of Whitney Houston. Tour star projection will last until April. The organizers of the show are also planning to give concerts in the United States. It is expected that viewers will see not only the projection of Houston and the living accession of dancers and musicians that will help to recreate the atmosphere of the performances of the stars.

Together with the singer’s sister-in-law Pat Houston was assured that the tour will be organized in the spirit world known singer. She also added that this is the right time.

Whitney Houston was recognized in 1992 after the movie “Bodyguard”. In the tape she played a major role. Song and artist I Will Always Love You had senarodnow love.

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