Weapons 20/03/20 “Prince Vladimir”: what the best nuclear submarine of the Russian Federation

Today the Russian Navy has three submarines of project “Borei” —a form of nuclear submarines. This type of submarines in the coming decades will be the basis of the Russian Navy. What are its advantages and how it differs from American competitors?

Underwater giants

Now among the submarines of the “Borei” Russian Navy is in the service three submarines under the names “Yuri Dolgoruky”, “Vladimir Monomakh” and “Alexander Nevsky”. They are on military duty in the Pacific fleet.

submarines of this type have a 170-metre length, the height of a five storey building and is able to dive to 400-meter depth. The crew is 107. The technical equipment to be at sea for up to 90 days. The submarine is equipped with modern missiles under the name Bulava.

compared To previous generations of submarines “Pike-B” and “Antey”, “Northwind” five times quieter, while possessing no less combat power. The submarine is armed with 16 ballistic missiles, capable of destroying a single gulp several cities. Each missile has 10 nuclear units with capacity of 150 kilotons.

the envy of America

the First of the modernized submarine project “Borey-A” was launched in mid-November 2017 under the name “Prince Vladimir”. Its construction took more than five years. What’s different about the new series from the previous one? The direction finders are now more difficult to detect the cruiser due to the reduced level of physical fields. Improved communication system. In addition, the quiet operation of the “Boreas-A” is ensured by the placement of propellers in the annular attachments.

it’s safe to say that today, “Prince Vladimir” — the most advanced nuclear submarine in the world, surpassing even the American “Ohio”. The best submarine of the US Navy is not able to dive to a depth of 400 m, and also have the pno low speed due to the lack of nodes in comparison with the Russian model. While domestic submarine able to sail for 20 days longer (90 instead of 70) with a smaller crew of soldiers (107 instead of 155).

the flight Range of ballistic missiles installed on “Prince Vladimir”, one and a half times the range of the missiles of the submarine “Ohio”. On Board at 6 torpedo tubes instead of four ogievsky.

due To the benefits of the latest model will be equipped with the Russian Navy fourteen submarines of the “Borei” for a period up to 2027 To 2024, water will be launched with four more ships of the series with the letter “A”.

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