Prince William attended to the psychological condition of the British

Photo: AP Photo/Victoria Jones/Pool via AP

Prince William will hold meeting on which will discuss possible measures of support of physicians. 37-year-old Duke of Cambridge responded to the request for assistance from the NHS (National health service), according to “Express Gazeta”.

it is Noted that the assistants of the Prince had already held meetings with charity organizations, which promised to “urgently enhance” the previously offered assistance.

Also the eldest grandson of the Queen is concerned about the mental stress, which is now suffering the doctors. In particular, together with his wife, Prince William has launched a program for psychological assistance to the British, sitting in quarantine.

on the Eve of Queen Elizabeth II turned to his filed, expressing confidence that the UK will succeed in the fight against coronavirus.

because of fears of infection with coronavirus Elizabeth II left Buckingham Palace and moved to Windsor castle. If necessary, together with her husband Prince Philip, their quarantine at Sandringham Palace in Norfolk.

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