ProtonMail was blocked by boxes, which in Russia were sent letters with threats of explosions

the Company ProtonMail blocked in Russia because of mass mailing of electronic letters with threats of explosions confirmed that the letters were sent by its users. There’s also said that the accounts of these users are removed, reports “Interfax”.

the company noted that all user information is saved and can be transferred to the Russian authorities after receiving a formal request through the Federal police of Switzerland.

“Their reluctance to contact us or Swiss law enforcement agencies for help only hindered the rapid arrest of those responsible for these bomb threats,” he added ProtonMail.

the company did not understand why the Russian government decided to block the service because they had not asked for help. There are also suggested that mass mailing of letters on a false mining is the only reason to block the service.

the Russian government urged to “reconsider its position” and to work with the company, “to resolve the issue through dialogue and mutual assistance.”

Service was blocked on January 29 on the basis of the submission of the Prosecutor General. Since January 23 of this year was limited access to foreign service (Netherlands), which was also sent message about the mining.

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