In Hamburg, has died, a 34-year-old Patient of the psychiatric clinic of the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) a few days after a controversial use of security guards. Media reports were confirmed to the star of the Hamburg police. The UKE has confirmed in a press release that the Patient had died on the intensive care unit of the hospital. The exact cause of death of the man is still unknown, a police spokesman for the star. The corpse is to be examined. The state police determine a result due to the suspicion of bodily injury or death.

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On Easter Sunday, it was a grope on the grounds of the UKE to a use of the in-house security service came. The 34-Year-old had lost consciousness and had to be resuscitated. The exact circumstances of the use are still unclear.

report: witnesses observed the brutal actions of the security people at the Hamburg hospital

According to “taz”, based on eye-witness reports, the man in the open area of the psychiatric Department, of the sat and to smoke a cigarette. An employee of the UKE, and three security people had asked the man to take a sedative. As the Patient refused to have detained two employees of the company “clinic logistics & Engineering” (KLE) of the patients on the floor. “The other again and again with the knee from a half a Meter in height in the back and the kidney”, cited the “taz” was an eyewitness.

The UKE described in a press release that the Patient is “the arrangement of the accommodation against” and “in the meantime, add the called security service of the UKE fixed” had to be, “as he required of so far unexplained circumstances, additional medical assistance”. The accompanying medical and nursing staff have initiated the on-site medical care and further assistance is required. Any further statements you can make on the basis of the patient data protection, as well as the ongoing investigations currently, it was said.

According to the police, found the Patient on a voluntary Basis for the treatment in the psychiatric Department of the hospital. Because his condition had deteriorated in the course of the treatment appears to significantly, I requested the duty Doctor made a preliminary placement decision. Before the Existence of the corresponding decision, the “psychologically disturbed man had left” the building. In the further course of the consulted security people had contacted the patient, it said in a press release Wednesday.

sources: “taz”, police Hamburg, University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, “The mirror”, NDR



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