Psychologist called 5 mistakes women in relationships

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the Psychologist Alexander Shakhov called the most common women’s mistakes in relations, reports”.ru”.

first, the psychologist advises women not to make men child.

“of Course, care is needed to everybody. But in this world men solve their own problems. Often women bring to a relationship with a man excessive care and guardianship, thinking that thereby they strengthen relations”, – said the shahs.

second, do not make your man girlfriend. According to psychologist, the woman is much more emotional men, so the flow of open emotions she may put the man in a difficult position.

“Women live much more emotion than men. Plus they are much brighter. Imagine an elephant and an ant – that is, the ratio of women to men on an emotional level. Men are not always able to bear the whole burden of women’s emotions. What to do? Seek fellowship with the same emotional “giants” like you are with friends,” – emphasizes the expert.

third, it is important not to make men kitten. “Treatment “kitty” or “Bunny” is not for men. Looking for masculine words.”

in addition, the psychologist said that generally, men require fewer hugs and cuddles than women. In this case, the expert advises women not to be shy and to tell the man about it or to embrace it the most.

fourth, we cannot underestimate the role of sex in relationships, says psychologist. Shahi claims that intimacy in a man’s life plays a major role.

“In everyday life the stronger sex is not available such strong emotions, which can test women, so men seek again and again to get them. Sex makes the relationship more intimate and confidential,” – said the psychologist.

And the last. The psychologist strongly encourages women not to think. Shah notes that often a woman asks men, what’s going on, and prefers to think out all by herself, which subsequently leads to scandals.

“the Woman begins to think of terrible tales, guesses, and then it all poured into the alarm and claim to male. And the man does not understand what is happening and why it is criticized for something that does not exist. Men do not like such behavior,” – concludes the expert.

Earlier, Shah said, what are the main errors in the relationship allow the representatives of the stronger sex.

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